It is amazing how they “count DEAD BODIES”

See the source imageBack  in 2012 the New England Compounding Center distributed some compounded sterile Methylprednisolone used mostly for ESI that was contaminated with a fungus…

This article from 2013 claimed : “The series of safety failures happened long before national attention focused on the New England Compounding Center, whose contaminated steroid shots were linked to 45 deaths and 651 illnesses”

Wikipedia last updated Nov 2018

Claimed that: sickened over 800 individuals and resulted in the deaths of 76.

Notice that the deaths related to this situation are stated as EXACT NUMBER, but the number of “sickened” has went from an exact number to a “rounded off number”

There was a statement on the TV today that this year 52 police officers have been killed this year… again an EXACT NUMBER..

Bus crashes… Airplane crashes… EXACT NUMBERS are quoted of the number of people on board and/or killed – OR BOTH…

It would seem that when FACTS ARE KNOWN… EXACT NUMBERS are stated…  so when “round numbers are stated”… does that mean that they are reporting ESTIMATES ?

Do they use LARGE NUMBERS to make things sounds REALLY BAD… but they claim 22 veterans a day commit suicide … not quite as bad as 8,030/yr commit suicide ?

220 million opiate Rxs filled each year… normally followed by the claim – TOO MANY

72 million DRUG OVERDOSES… again a figure composed of many parts to come to a figure LARGE ENOUGH to SOUND BAD.. and again ROUND NUMBERS… suggesting a ESTIMATE



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  1. And they never, ever say, whether with round or specific numbers, that they have no actual clue how many people die of drug ODs because of the fact that each dead person is counted as dying several times –they die as many times as they have different drugs in their system. Not even anyone in my doctor’s office realized that if someone dies with heroin, cocaine & IMF in their system, they’re counted as dying 3 times, both by the CDC & my lovely, corrupt, vilely-run state of Oregon.

    Maybe the whole country has been so swamped by the tsunami of lies & liars that they just don’t care any more whether there are any facts or evidence behind any policy, no matter how insane, corrupt, or draconian (as long as it doesn’t affect them directly, right now). I seriously hope the whole country gets chronic, intolerable pain & are denied relief.

  2. Medication, opiate medication prohibition is the agenda. TOO much cost for pain management medication because of dot/gov incompetence in spending. tax payer money even if you have worked all your life, paid your taxes AND your social security. Alcohol prohibition did not work BUT, dot/gov came up with the idea to “allow” alcohol use as long as it was paid for out of pocket and TAXED.

  3. Preach it sista!

  4. We’ve been sayen tis allll along,,,,the government numbers,data,,,,are 1 big lie,,,fueled by prejudice, bigotry and a PERSONAL opinion that opiates are the demon drug from hell,,,,a snobby portrayal of a MEDICINE ,,that the snobby rich w/power have paid to have the ,”reefer madness,”’ exploited all over America,,,,it is exactly as Steves’ little portrait of Hitler states,,,”Make the lie big enough,,,repeat it long enough,and they’ll believe it,”..There is a epidemic because the snobs in power w/money,,said there is,,,NOT because there is one..The data is a lie because the prejudicial a-holes have corrupted the data to prove a lie,,,It was Einstein who said,,,”When we allow machines to do the thinking for mankind,,,,then we have raised a bunch of idiots,”’ He was right,,,All of this opiate bullshit is interpreted data,,,someone put their prejudice against our medicine in the interpretation of the data,,,,Unlike facts,,,like a picture of a broken bone,,its broken,,there is nil interpretations’,,,,Same goes for all his b.s. research,,,it is interpreted research,,Until I start seeing Video’s of all this research,,,I trust no opiate phob to interpret the results,,ITS ALL BEEN I BIG LIE,,TO PUT A PRICE TAG ON HUMAN LIFE,,,CAUSE ,”THEY” DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR CHRONIC,PRE-EXISTING CONDITIONS OR THE MEDICINES THAT GO WITH IT!!!!THE 17 MILLION $$$$$ SALARY CEO’S OF BC/BS,AETNA ETC,,,AND EVERY SINGLE ,”CONSULTATNT,RESEARCHER ,DOCTOR INVOLVED HAS HAD A FINIACIAL INTEREST IN THIS BIAS,PREJUDICE TOWARDS OUR MEDICINE OPIATES,,maryw,

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