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  1. The so called opioid crisis is just SO much Bull Shit. I am in serious pain and have been for 7 years and every second of every day I can’t hardly wait to die and get out of this much pain!! My feet and legs burn 24/7. I can’t even lay down and sleep like a normal human. They will not give me anything to shut off my brain from brain. I feel it non-stop!! My life is a living hell! I have arthritis and Fibromyalgia on top! Lucky me. I can’t wait to die!! God, please take me home, now because non of my doctors will release me from this hell. All they want is a meal ticket to charge my insurance companies each month for my visit. They don’t want to cure me! And, neither does BIG PHARA because there goes their pay check too!! Our real doctors are gone for the GREED!!

  2. It is unwise to assume the Sacklers did anything wrong, in fact they and their scientists and analytical chemists did much good.

    It was properly revealed that MUCH severe pain was being under-treated and the era of “Pain as the Fifth Vital Sign” emerged in the 90’s, this was not a marketing ploy but did much good.

    Oxycontin is not just another opiate but proved to be a formulation that IS more effective in a smaller dose, with less side-effect than many before it and since.

    Abuser make their own bed and like we would not blame BIG SODA for making Diabetics we do not make pharmaceutical manufacturing suffer for true abusers. Now “TRUE ADDICTION” is very rare (4 in 1000) and a VERY serious condition, it is nothing like someone who simply wants to abuse and then keeps using because they find that withdrawing sucks.

    There are many medications that produce a ghastly withdrawal, some worse than Opiates. For example; any anti-depressant, the ‘biologics’ (gabapentin, cymbalta, humira, etc). FURTHER SOME MORE is it doesn’t matter how good an Opiate can make you ‘feel’, only an idiot would go all in for that feeling some of the time and spend the majority of the other part of the time seeking and withdrawing. Withdrawals are JUST AS BAD AS THEY LOOK.

    • I don’t think that the “fifth vital sign” showed up until Congress passed the Decade of Pain Law that went into effect in 2001 and “disappeared” in 2010 when the law expired and was not renewed by the then Congress.. Purdue Pharma brought out the first long acting opiate as MSContin – highest dose was 200 mg, which was Morphine long acting and they trademarked “contin” as their long acting med… Oxycodone has been around since I can remember and I started working in Pharmacies in the Summer of 1967…but it was short acting brand names Percocet, Percodan, Tylox… initially each contained 5 mg of Oxycodone plus Acetaminophen … Purdue Pharma introduced Oxycontin in 1996 – as I remember… and highest dose was 160 mg and that was later discontinued leaving only 80 mg as the highest available dose. Substance abusers/addicts refer to withdrawal as “dope sick”. During the decade of pain law the Joint Commission made adequate pain management a MAJOR STANDARD for hospitals to meet to attain JC accreditation and when the Decade of pain law went away… so did that major standard for JC.

      • Understood.
        WOW. They did not renew the law. So sad, …for them, ass holes.

        -ontin, -odone, I forgeeet. …No wonder after what is now years of denial of severe pain control and a dozen secondary consequences, my feet could not be worse. I fear they will be amputated before I die of the others. Some sort of pathologic process I (and they) mistook as “diabetic neuropathy”. I want them ALL in the deepest, darkest jail cell, denied of food and water.

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