Isn’t it ILLEGAL to threaten the life of the President ?

Florida Democrat suggests it's 'open season' on killing Republicans and PresidentWow! Florida Democrat suggests it’s ‘open season’ on killing Republicans and President – shares hit list? (Op-ed)

FLORIDA – Politics is hardly ever pretty when it comes for folks racing toward an election, and thus that means the election for Florida’s 18th congressional district is not immune from the likes of nasty rhetoric from people trying to get a seat at the table.

But when you have people calling for an “open season” for killing your political opponents, then that is where a line has been crossed.


The person who crafted a hypothetical call for murdering the likes of President Trump, Roger Stone and AG Bill Barr is Pam Keith. This Democrat is vying to land Florida’s congressional seat for the 18th district, but a Twitter post dating back to June 10th  of this year puts her disturbing mindset on full display:

“GOP: Yeah he’s dead. But it’s not a big deal because he was a “bad guy.” Is that REALLY the new rule they want? Killing is OK if it’s a “bad guy?” Is it now open season on: Flynn, Manafort, Stone, Gates, Cohen, Trump, Barr, Kavanaugh, Lewandowski, Bolton, Pompeo, Papadopolous, Parscale.”


While many were reasonably outraged over the disgusting tweet that has recently gained newfound attention, others are also poking fun at it for the blatant stupidity of putting something like this online while trying to run for office.

One Twitter exchange in response to Keith’s tweet resulted in the following:

“Publishing a hit list. Hillary would be proud.”

The responding tweet to said sarcastic response went as follows:

“Hillary would be annoyed someone is stepping on her turf haha.”


The seat Keith is gunning for is currently held by Republican Brian Mast and the district in question has been relatively red since 2016. However, this upcoming election for the district is currently being touted as a possible toss-up when predicting the results.

Mast happens to be a veteran who served in Afghanistan that had lost both of his legs due to a bomb that detonated underneath him while serving overseas.

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  1. While I’m not such an enthusiastic supporter of Trump, this is DEFINITELY the WRONG way to get him out of office! This woman should not be allowed to run for any political office. She’s off her rocker!

  2. Is there an option to receive only pharmaceutical related posts? These constant Trump supporting political posts of yours are a real turnoff, but I love the medical related ones. Please think about separating them, I’m sure I’m not the only reader who would appreciate it.

    • I just post FACTS as others have put out there… anyone who believes that you can separate the healthcare that you receive or have access to is totally separate and distinct from politics is pretty naive. That newspaper article about someone calling for “open season” on our President… I hope that she gets a visit from the FBI or Secret Service… I could care less who our President is… for someone coming out and posting that. I only post a VERY SMALL FRACTION of what I see and could share. During my lifetime.. there has been 13 Presidents and I have lived/survived thru all of them. Some a little easier than others. My blog has since day one try to educate and motivate people… I have come to the conclusion that the chronic pain community, most seem to rather complain about lack of unity than trying to move toward unity.

    • I agree with WiNOJoE. I have noticed this lately. Part of the response is just FACTS are posted. Are there possibly some FACTS that support Biden and democrats? Just sayin.

      • No. Unless you want to line in a country that is like Third World. You won’t get decent healthcare and well- they are burning down America now.

  3. This is just further proof that parasites like her need to be arrested NOW!! Is she really that sick to even put that in someones mind today? If she is allowed to get away with this kind of talk, GOD help us all! This thing belongs in a mental ward not in a political office.

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