Is this a problem or job security ?

This showed up as a post on a “closed Pharmacist” Face book page.

I hate to say this but after having something similar happening to me during my 7 years of being a pharmacy tech, i did some research and found out by our local police dept that people who abuse and use drugs most likely do not have a valid ID issued my the state DMV. They will have a buddy make one for them and they will use that as their ID for drop off and pick up of forgeries. Let’s just get this straight…the abuse of drugs kill brain cells so i wouldnt be surprised if they did misspell the city name
I have also caught 16 forgeries in my 7 years of pharmacy tech career. My pharmacist will not fill a CII without me looking at it to make sure it is legit. Most time i can sense a forgery by appearance & character of the person dropping it off. It’s sad that i have to have the DEA agent and Narcotic Dectives phone # listed in my phone because of this crap! I cant wait for everything to go electronically sent

This was part of a discussion on a person dropping off a C-II Rxs and the city on the driver’s license was mis-spelled, new pt to the store, after prescriber’s office hours, couldn’t find the pt in the state’s PMP and the dose was clearly a chronic dose. The Rx dept staff contacted a cop friend and had the license ran .. and it was FAKE !

i did some research and found out by our local police dept that people who abuse and use drugs most likely do not have a valid ID issued my the state DMV

who believes that just those that use/abuse drugs have FAKE ID’s .. how about all those people who main “job” is doctor/pharmacy shopping and diverting drugs.. may not take few/any drugs themselves.

So we dutifully enter all this information into the state’s PMP database… and truthfully.. the only totally valid information that you can be assured of being accurate in the PMP database is the drug, strength, quantity and pharmacy that fill the Rxs.. if the Rx is forged.. the prescriber’s information is bogus and the pt’s information is bogus..

SO… law enforcement knows that fake driver’s licenses are common place and they are used to feed drug addiction and/or drug diversion and NOTHING IS BEING DONE… It is almost like they are more interested in keeping the war on drug on going than doing much about legal drugs being diverted to the street ? Do you think that this could have something to do that we have been fighting this war on drugs for ONE HUNDRED YEARS without much headway ?



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  1. Sorry for the previous working off a touchscreen tablet vs a keyboard laptop. Anyway I remember the idea of the secure licenses was so that you were ‘verified’ for things like buying an airline tickets more easily, passports, voting, etc. But the voting thing is what drove the progressives absolutely off the deep end…they cant see the forest for the trees, people have to show an ID for all sorts of other things including minorities, but for some reason they cant seem to show one to vote???? Anyway the compromise was to be able to get a regular license if one couldnt get all the documents but you then couldnt use the drivers license for flying as easily. I know when I renewed my license this year I didnt need to bring alot of papers because I had the secured license. And getting a fresher copy of my birth certificate was a piece of cake so I dont know what the fuss was all about.

  2. The DMV records would only be legit if they resurrected the ‘secure drivers license’ again. IN was pilot state but too many people.complained about hopingnto get original.birth certificates etc and the progressives said it was discrimination against the poor and the states said they didntn have the money. I think the left figured out too mandate licenses.out there and that would.hurt thier votes.

    • It would be a place to start… if the license in your hand does not match the one in the BMV database… why would you provide product/service. It is going to be a lot harder for a diverter to go to the BMV and get multiple licenses than producing fake ID’s in bulk. Maybe it would force the BMV to start taking a single digit electronic finger print to keep a single person from getting multiple licenses from them.

  3. This goes to what you have said in the past, all this could be avoided if they simply gave access to the DMV records to pharmacists. Why not? Pharmacists have all of our information anyway, it would be a good way to sniff out fakes. But instead, you have to play bar bouncer. Ridiculous!

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