Is there intelligent life on earth ?

Today on my commute home… the double decker bridge that I take to/from work.. was having one of three lanes closed for bridge inspection. One of the most irritating things under such congestion is those who believe that their time is much more important than everyone else and zoom up the lane that is being closed to try and – usually – is able to wedge in the front of the line.

On this particular section of I-64 W..the “fast lane” ends/merges to the right.. before you get to the bridge… Everyone who travels this interstate knows this… I was in the line waiting.. crawling < 5 miles per hour.. One gutsy guy pulled up along side me and creeped along at my pace and made everyone behind him “play nice” and wait their turn.. We must have creeped along for some 20-30 minutes… I did not see one car behind this guy get in line… They all creep up to where the lane was coming to a end.. behind the car creeping beside me.

It was clear to me.. that this guy was going to creep up  beside me to where the lane end and then move in front of me..  and they will be stuck trying to merge..

One of those people – driving a rather new F-150 – tried to muscle his way behind the guy that I was letting in the line in front of me.. I am driving a 1995 E-150 raised roof conversion van… – that’s right.. a 19 y/o 6000 lbs mamouth vehicle.   If I take the four new tires and new battery off the van.. its value would drop in half…  The guy in the F-150 quickly figured out.. that it would be better to get in line BEHIND ME.

I am starting to wonder if there is much difference between narcissism and stupidity.

The Twilight episode from 1962… seemed to ask the same question …

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  1. try this… use all open lanes until you get to the merge point. then TAKE YOUR TURN. it aint rocket surgery but it works.

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