Is pain really all in your head?


I won’t drop down and say that this presenter suggests that your pain IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD. I am all in for complimentary care for the chronic pain pt. Often a full array of complimentary services many not be available/accessible, nor affordable by the pt.

Many pts are disabled and on Medicare disability and/or Medicaid. If the spouse is still around, the chronic pain pt, may not have transportation to medical services, because they no longer drive and spouse would have to take off work to transport them to get medical services/procedures. Causing the family’s finances to take “another hit”.

I noticed that “pain” seems to be addressed like it is like a monolith …  never talks about the intensity of the pt’s pain, nor the fact that the pt may have more than one disease/health issue that is a pain generator. I have communicated with too many chronic pain pts that state that their blood pressure has increased to emergency crisis level (200/100)+ after forced tapers and even when being prescribed 4-5 different pharma BP meds, their BP remains in the emergecy crisis level.

So it would appear that the pharma meds is focused on a different pathway than the pathway that under/untreated pain causes a pt’s BP to be elevated to a life threatening levels.

The chart below shows the potential of under/untreated pain complicating a pt’s co-morbidity issues and/or can cause the pt to have additional health/disease issues.

A pt being put thru forced titration of their opioids, may end up bed/chair/house confined. Much like being under house arrest without actually committing any crimes.

Shouldn’t all healthcare providers be focused on optimizing the pt’s QOL, with whatever services or products that the pt can afford?

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  1. I kept waiting for a brick to come flying and knock her over as if this was a funny parody.
    Beth Darnell has sent so many mixed messages about pain and medication she changes like the weather. It’s ridiculous.
    Having said that this video burns me up. I’ll tell you what Beth let me smack your toe with a hammer and you just think that pain away after all it’s not cancer pain Beth.
    This video is insulting and insane I will never look at he in the same manner.
    This is what I find funny is all these people calling for no pain medication none of them are pain patients. That would be like asking my dentist to build a bridge. I don’t want to use that bridge no one would. So Beth can take her insanity and pound salt.

  2. NO chronic pain patient ever expects ZERO pain. She is out of her mind to suggest that is what is driving prescribing choices. We just want our pain turned down so we can do our ADL’s like normal non sick people do. If pain meds don’t work then WHY are they the bedrock of hospice care! I’m on hospice and the first thing the nurse asks is how is your pain. Do you need more pain medicine. If it didn’t work they wouldn’t be using it.

  3. “It’s all in your head..” is a bit closer than some lazy, scared doctors know.. Not mentally but physically. Stress makes everything in you tighten up. Holding your breath makes pain physically worse but if you can find a way to breath through it that stress lightens and pain does decrease some. Imagrey can’t make pain go away but may play a roll in slowing progression of pain. Being cold and barking “it is all in your head” increases stress for sure. There is no need to be a jerk.

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