Interesting story floating around …

Supposedly there is this unit of  the national chain/PBM in one of the east coast state… that had nearly a 200K Rx dept  inventory shortage. It was also reported around this same time that FOUR copy paper boxes – you know the ones that hold 5000 sheets – 10 reams of paper … full of “drugs”  – including control meds – was found outside of the licensed area in a unsecured up stair storage area.

According to the story, these FOUR BOXES contained all sorts of medication containers.. including Rx bottles with a Rx label on them containing PHI. The story goes on to state that a store technician was directed to take the FOUR BOXES to the local police station where there is a slot for people to dispose of their unwanted meds.. Supposedly , it took this technician TWO HOURS to put all of the meds out of these FOUR BOXES into/down the slot. Again… containing PHI on some of the bottles.

You know… nothing is really ILLEGAL … unless you get caught doing it…

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  1. After 30 months, somehow I feel my name might come into this matter…oh well! Lots of strange stuff happening in that store.


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