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This is a interesting exchange in the confirmation between a Senator from Utah and the nominee for Attorney General. Most everyone is familiar with the Civil Asset Forfeiture Act and their discussion as to how many – including a Supreme Court Justice considers the act UNCONSTITUTIONAL and how some states have made the seizing of assets under this act – prohibited in their state – and the state law enforcement pulls in federal law enforcement in some actions so that the feds can seize the assets and then “share” the proceeds with those in the particular states where it is illegal. 

Likewise, even though this act is considered UNCONSTITUTIONAL … the two attorneys seem to agree that this law is a “useful tool” for law enforcement. You can see here to get a lawyer.

Makes one wonder just how many laws are on the books that many believe are UNCONSTITUTIONAL, but law enforcement continue to use them because they consider them to be “useful”.  One also has to wonder what all is encompassed under the definition of “useful” ? Ask an expert from Austin personal injury attorneys more about the same.

At the Federal level, it is claimed that typically 40% of Congress is attorneys and so how many bills that are passed by Congress that are known or should have been known to be UNCONSTITUTIONAL when they are voted on.. and apparently our bureaucratic system has no checks/balances to help assure that all bills sent to the President to be signed into law are in fact constitutional ?

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  1. And you are correct.
    former AG Eric Holder has been the ONLY AG to curtail its use since prohibition.
    Contrast with Jeff Sessions speedy reversal of Holder’s policy change upon assuming the role.
    And new GOP AG Wm Barr is a fan of this contemptuous practice. Rand Paul caved and voted for him nonetheless. Spineless, unprincipled, sorry, betraying, the list of adjectives for today’s GOP (sans maybe Mike Lee) could fill a vomit can.
    Sorry but you can equivocate all day long and yes some Dems leave much to be desired but today’s GOP is Far, FAR worse. It is a fact, which the GOP doesn’t even acknowledge exists any more.

  2. More ‘winning” for America via votes of Trumplicans! HIS Attorney General to-be supports civil asset forfeiture. What a SHOCKING revelation!
    Winning for the powerful at the cost of the powerless. MAGA!
    Just like chickens who would vote for colonel Sanders to care for them.

    • Civil Asset Forfeitures have been done since the alcohol prohibition period. so you can chose whichever politician in power to blame at the time.. Since alcohol prohibition started Jan , 1920… just 99 years ago

  3. The perfection of flaccid responding.

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