Indiana political choices this fall

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Unfortunately this fall Indiana has to choose between two ATTORNEYS for governor. Gov Pence is trying to run on his record of increased employment in the state… So far during his TV campaign I have not seen where he is bragging about Indiana being one of the top meth producers in the country, has the most pharmacy robberies, rehab centers are full of former chronic pain pts that have either been tossed to the curb by raids on pain clinics and who has resorted to Heroin and other street drugs trying to control their unrelenting chronic pain. Untold number of chronic pain pts that are being forced into urine testing because AG Zoeller “strong armed” the Medical Licensing Board to pass EMERGENCY REGULATION. Many physicians’ practices adopted the rule and then the ACLU took the board to court and won that their emergency regulation was a violation of the FOURTH AMENDMENT…  unreasonable search and seizure… but .. the practice are allowed to voluntarily implement such testing.. since if a pt is not happy.. they can find a new doctor.

A recent quote from Zoeller … Zoeller’s office has no control over medical licenses, but often the solution is taking away a doctor’s prescribing license which is monitored by federal government. He said he has ways of getting around the fact he doesn’t control prescribing licenses but it doesn’t always work out.  

AG Zoeller: can always use a “work around” to get at doc’s license ?

Indiana has a population of abt 6.6 million.. and using average statistics would suggest that there are some TWO MILLION chronic pain pts. In the last election abt 2.4 million votes were cast for governor with abt 80,000 between winner and loser.

When small Scott county had a epidemic of HIV + & Hep B&C… Pence resisted creating a “clean needle ” program.. and initially conceded to a 30 day program and then relented and granted a ONE YEAR clean needle program.  In the ensuing year.. only a handful of other Indiana counties have been granted the funding to create a clean needle program.

I recently told about a rehab center in central Indiana that had 30 pts census and 2 were recovering from alcoholism and the other 28 were in there because their were chronic pain pts and had been tossed out of raided practice or for some other reason could no longer get their necessary pain medication and had resorted to going to the street to get Heroin and other drugs to help them deal with their untreated chronic pain.

To me, it is clear… that Gov Pence and AG Zoeller are all about the black/white of the law.. when it comes to those who suffer from addictive personality disorder and those who have a medical necessity for the use of opiates.

How many people suffering from subjective diseases have been abused during the first term of these two… how many more are at risk of being abused if there is a second term ?  The law of probability may have missed you during the last four years.. will you be that lucky during the next four years ?


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  1. No doubt who I’m NOT voting for. I voted for Gregg last time, but the red state won out, barely. I will do my part this November, that’s for damn sure!!

    • My friend was one who was dropped and forced onto the street to the black market to control her chronic pain for 12 cysts on her spinal cord and 4 bulging disc from lifting a patient during a job as a nurse. Her pain was under treated. She ended up not not being able to sleep often and had manic episodes. She was wrongfully terminated from her job due to her manic state. The found out about her legit tx’s for pain pills, but she had gotten a very small amount (0.125mg xanax from an aunt to try to sllep..did no work..if she called I she would have been fired anyway). I saw the write up, her job violated not only her HIPAA, but also her ADA, by telling other employees about her prescriptions. ISNAP demands she be OFF EVERYTHING, NO.PIAN MEDS WHATSOEVER!!! She is now on disability, we on black market, went to heroin an crack to cope with pain. It all Spiraled out of control
      Looking at many legal issues. Just gorgeous released from rehab, However doc she was referred to days 20mg suboxone is top high, will only write for 4, gabapentin, he refuses to continue that for her pain. She just found another MD whole will take her insurance
      And write her meds.

      I called BOP…they are NOT in charge of suboxone, could not give me current list of docs though Internet still listed docs whose licenses were suspended, did not know what the total patient limit was and when I ask why I as a pharmacist had to see a large quantity narcotic rx and patient said I’ll pay CASH as a result flag, why the double standard when a doctor who prescribed suboxone would ask for 450.00 CASH UPFRONT FOR THE OFFICE VISIT TO PRESCRIBE SUBOXONE and you all wouldn’t blink an eyr…..dont you people see that as a red flag!!!!! I certainly would she asked for the docs name and I gave it to her
      Told many other docs did same…why isn’t I red flag!!!! Would be if they were writing for other narcotics.

      The hypocrisy is beyond belief…people who try and get help can’t get it because they can’t afford and end up back on the streets to take care of pain because their REAL doctors will no longer touch them because they have NO BACKBONE!!!!! I was advised to call the medical board which I haven’t had a chance yet
      …so much for the DO NO HARM!!!!!

    • *doc referral will not wait for her 20mg suboxone divided doses daily.
      Only 4mg a day and night gabapentin no reason given*

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