In case people are missing my posts on FAKE BOOK

Some people have noticed that post from my blog… has not been showing up on FAKE BOOK and/or some have tried to share my posts on FAKE BOOK…  are getting a notice that their post share is against their community standards.  It would seems that a person who claims to be a chronic painer… got pissed at me… because I called him out back in Jan 2020 as a “virtual panhandler”, con artist, scammer…

In Oct of 2021, he demanded that I take down a post on my blog from Jan, 2019… that he believe was about him – while no names were mentioned in the blog post..

I was not sure what he was up to, so I turned the post from “public” to “private” and put a password on it… apparently not “destroying” the post… must have really pissed him off…  Either that, or I have been told that he went to some “legal aid group” – I guess because he is on Medicaid and food stamps – and wanted to sue me… and apparently he was told that “he had NOTHING !”

What I have been told, this “gentleman”  RICHARD MARK – stirred up his harem/tribe of minions to file untold number of complaints with FB that my blog was a SPAMMER…  Here is a link that claims that FAKE BOOK had to admit – while under oath in court – that their FACT CHECKERS is mostly THEIR OPINIONS

So apparently FAKE BOOK just took all those complaints that have no basis in fact, but apparently FACTS don’t really mean anything to FAKE BOOK. ONLY THE PERSONAL OPINIONS OF THEIR FACT CHECKERS !

To date, FAKE BOOK has removed at least 300 posts and comments with hyperlinks to my blog from FAKE BOOK.

I have been told that even at least one of the more visible female chronic pain advocates aligned herself with Mark in getting my blog labeled as a spammer.. 

My blog is still ALIVE AND WELL… because I own the domain that it is on and NO ONE can censor/delete my blog posts, for now, I am sharing my blog posts on Twitter and experimenting with some 2-3 minute videos

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  1. I understand why you’re doing it but for those of us who don’t use Twitter it will be a problem! I don’t comment often but I read all your posts!

  2. This is why I don’t do FB anymore! Richard Mark…that figures. He scammed me TWICE for “ketamine infusions.” I’m sure everything about that person is fake, including his videos on a certain FB group.
    How can FB possibly believe that your blog is a scam??? That’s the epitome of ridiculous!!!

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