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Norman J. Clement RPh., DDS, MS; Our group and writers of youarewithinthenorms.com and Pronto Pharmacy LLC, Tampa Fl are in full support of the Citizen Petition Submitted by the Center for U.S. Policy to request the Commissioner of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (“FDA”) to deem the Bamboo Health (“Bamboo”) NarxCare software a misbranded device and take administrative action to prevent serious, adverse health consequences and death. We further demand the immediate removing this dangerous software from all Healthcare Systems.

I would like everyone to know my fellow colleague and good friend Norman J. Clement RPh., DDS, MS  After getting a pharmacy degree, he went back and got a dental degree. Norman is the first person, that I have ever given permission to make original posts on my blog.   Norman has had a couple of rough years,  the DEA has fabricated “some issues ” with his Florida independent pharmacy, no charges filed… but.. has cost Norman a small fortune fighting them off. As far as I know his pharmacy is no longer open and operational.  You know the DEA, raid a place… confiscate everything… never file any charges and it takes all sorts of legal fees to get your business’ assets back. Like many in the chronic pain community, Norman has been screwed by the DOJ/DEA and if you notice some of his posts are sort of “bitter” … you will understand.


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  1. May God Bless him for fighting the demons

  2. That’s horrible!!! I not only vote for Narcare software a misbranded device, I vote for removal of all CDC opioid guidelines & DEA! Abc govt groups are ruining millions of lives. They should be held accountable for MURDER! If any of us regular citizens cause someone else to lose their life, we’d be thrown in the slammer or worse in no time at all. But these abc govt entities pass “guidelines’ turned law that are causing people to turn to illegal drugs, overdose & death, as well as commit suicide since we can no longer be treated with legal prescription pain meds adequately! Its by their words & actions people are greatly suffering &/or dying.

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