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  1. Thank you for your courteous and well thought out/researched comments and for this platform. We appreciate your efforts.

  2. “culling” the herd.

  3. just wait-there will be waves of violent crimes and suicides over this.I heard one man went into somewhere[?.hope it was walgreens those bastards]not sure shot a number of folks,then himself.Since we have booted JESUS out of public schools[yet we’re told to tolerate islam]now all schools have”resource officers”a nice phrase for armed gunmen.Sounds like they will need the same at pharmacies.Trying to do things the way they are is like trying to hold back a tsunami with a cardboard wall.the lack of common sense and rationale is just phenomenal.Their next move will be to implement the introduction of a computer scanned device in your hand or forehead to give you clearance to recieve your whopping 90 mgs.daily.When that happens,it WILL be time for the bullet in the brain….P.S.I called Medi-scare yesterday and asked about the milligram limits on Jan.2019,they said no such thing is true and to instead,call and ask the insurance co.,in my case,AARP United Healthcarelessness.I will post their reply here as soon as I can get thru and get an answer.whether to believe them or not is another story!We MUST band together in huge numbers.I love Pres.Trump,and I believe he’d help if he was given the truth,which I’m certain he isnt.It’s the House and Senate doing it!

  4. News anchor said at the end of the segment, that the CDC replied to query, stating “people need to change their expectations of living with pain….. Well, it’s to late for most to adopt that theory. As long as there is some substance here on earth that will temper “our” type of pain, people will seek and acquire it because many have allready felt the blessing of “painfree”. Yes, we are driven by this most fundamental aspect of human nature – a most powerful force – not stayed by another’s interest or law. I’m not able or willing to temper my reaction to pain by lowering my functional expectations to please another man’s whims. A Meaningful Life does not survive until the pain is abated, yes, it’s a matter of survival. Whoever made such a comment must be feeling quite comfortable in their current circumstance – as to be so dismissive of the plight of so many citizens. Seems like the message is “Let Them Eat Cake”. Think about how that worked out. It’s easy to imagine a replay of the madness. Those of you policy makers who are bullying our citizens that require pain medication, I urge you to rethink and realize how you are “Poking the Bear” of basic raw human nature. Avoiding pain is rule number one. I don’t believe you’re considering the full effect of this tampering with people’s lives, human nature and how dangerous and disruptive this social expirment could be. What’s it all for again?

  5. Pain management Drs aren’t even treating pain patients properly anymore.The DEA is harrasing them.
    They’ve even adopted these limits of <120 or <200 depending what state your in. TN is <50 mgs now. What happened to titrate to pain relief? Metabolism? It doesn't exist anymore. My dose is/wasnconsidered high but actually it wasnt that high before all these new laws.
    I don't know, does anyone really think we'll ever get our lives back. Our Drs have been brainwashed now by CME , BS fake info on hyperalgesia etc, and Drs are either believing it or being forced by DEA.
    There's No one to vote for. Trump is losing his base over this. All these seniors, veterans, baby boomers who are suffering because of his Rhetoric, Sessions and his biased pals sure didn't help any.
    What to do except GET OUT THERE And GO to The Don't Punish Pain National Rallys Sept 18 and Pray to God Huge crowds show up!

  6. Hayden is right. Nothing will change until the corrupt DEA is stripped of it’s authority to interfere in the Dr./Patient relationship and to tell manufacturers how much Opioids they can produce! We’re already suffering great hospital shortages and the Dr.’s have warned, begged and pleaded with the DEA to stop with their “quotas”! But they don’t care!!

    They are drunk with power and bow to no one!! It never ceases to amaze me that after watching a story like this gentleman with his excruciating back pain, that the other 2 anchors are detached, not realizing this will be “THEM” someday. If people don’t wake up and realize that EVERYONE IS JUST AN ACCIDENT DISEASE OR SURGERY AWAY FROM JOINING THE PAIN COMMUNITY and START A “ME TOO” MOVEMENT then we ARE doomed!

  7. Many chronic pain patients have lost ALL ACCESS to pain relief. Ridiculed, shamed, left with no medication.

  8. I’m sooooo glad Tom Frieden, former CDC top official, has been publicly shamed and arrested for his minor crime of “grabbing a woman inappropriately” and that it is being televised on real news networks however, his real crime is what he has conspired to do and has done to millions of pain management patients, behind closed doors with a few other “experts” to DRASTICALLY force with DEA strong arm (toward our doctors) to forcefully reduce opiate/opioid medications to ALL patients with lifetime, health endangering, continuous, severe, but, treatable pain with opiate/opioid medication as the last effective therapy. He’ll get a slap on the back of the hand for his minor crime but, for his real crime, he deserves the same……lifetime, continuous, severe pain that millions of pain management patients now face for the rest of our lives. I hope and pray that it helps to screw up his plans for he and his coconspirators to “treat” ALL pain management patients with subutext or “like” medications.sob

  9. The ONLY reason that our doctors, specialized pain management doctors OR primary physicians will NOT prescribe in excess of what the CDC is calling ONLY a “guideline” for prescribing /opioid medications to lifetime, documented pain management patients IS because DEA threatened all doctors with a DEA number that they would face forfeiture of their license to practice if they exceeded the 2016 CDC ” guideline” amount of a maximum dosage of 100 milligrams of “morphine equivalent” per day to lifetime pain management patients even if the patient has further decaying health conditions because of constant overpowering pain now with un managed pain or even if the patient takes their own lives. Doctors are being BLACKMAILED by a government agency that are NOT trained and educated to be physicians……PERIOD!!!!!!! DEA MUST get out of the MEDICATION control business. Is there not enough dangerous, killing, illicit dope not entering the country yet with the CDC “guideline” Mr. DEA????

  10. “overlooked” & “unintended” my fanny
    It is NOT “driven by overprescribing,” dammit! This is a start, but it furthers the lie that the problem is with prescriptions, not illegal drugs.

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