I don’t normally venture out on a political limb

I don’t normally go out on the “political limb”, but  long story short – we had video security cameras installed on the house and the “software installer” was here Wed to finish up that part of the installation… right after he left… my hold internet network CRASHED…  Only way to get it back up was to reset my router… so I have spent most of post turkey meal resetting all the 13 odd internet devices in my house.. – including 3 TV’s. In trying one of the TV’s.. I made sure that I could stream and just pulled up FOX NATION and pulled up a three part Patriot Purge series…

This proved a very interesting series…  very little “talk” by the normal Fox “talking heads”… A fair amount of videos of others within our government and citizens in our country … interacting with our legal system… How it would appear that our military/legal system has no current wars to fight… they are using some of the tactics developed after 911 on many of our citizens that has been labeled as TERRORISTS

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  1. Agree!

  2. The “insurrection” was the work of the FBI. If you watch videos of them going in the fences and Capitol building, the Capitol Police were opening the fences and the doors!
    If I wasn’t in this condition, I would have been there. There’s so much proof that the election was stolen, so they can bring in Communism. The people better wake up and start fighting it.
    If you don’t know history, you’re bound to repeat it. It’s obvious that kids haven’t been taught real history over the last few decades. They THINK communism is good.
    Imo, the withholding of pain meds is part of it. They don’t mind the suicides or suffering. It’s a good thing, in their minds.
    Thank you for going there. I’m NOT a Republican or Democrat. They’re one party. This is the end of Freedom if we don’t fight it.

    • There is absolutely no evidence that the election was stolen. And, no one is trying to create communism in this country.

      • I encourage you to watch the proof on Mike Lindell’s app, Frank Speech. You can get it on your phone or streaming devices on your tv. We have ROKU’s and he’s doing a special all weekend about it.
        If you watch any news channels, you’re not going to see this. Wasn’t it a bit strange that FIVE swing states had to stop counting ballots at the same time? Is that a coincidence? I don’t think so. He’s got several videos on it, also on his app.
        Joe’s MANDATORY “vaccines” are NOT the actions of a president, but a dictator. Have you paid attention to anything in the Bill they’re trying to pass? They want to take over ALL federal elections. The states do their own elections, and if only the democrats have power, we’re a one party country forever.
        Last, use a search engine besides Google. Look up Democrat Socialists of America and see how many names you recognize.
        You’ll recognize many of them.
        And why are so many democrats quitting next year? Maybe they know that we know what they’re up to.
        All factual information. If you won’t look it up for yourself, I can’t help you.

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