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There are an estimated 106 million chronic pain pts… plus untold number of spouses and kids as well as millions of healthcare professional being screwed with by the DEA, CDC, FDA and the rest of the alphabet soup of Fed agencies.  I have put together a list of the Face Book and Twitter links to the three major Presidential candidates and list of all Congressional members House/Senate where you can find all the contact information for your Senators or Representatives.

If you are happy with how your chronic pain is being managed… by all means vote for the incumbent representing you in Congress because their actions or inactions contributed to how your pain management is going.  If your pain management is not going so well, you might want to consider voting the incumbent out of office.

Remember one Senator has already introduced an OPIATE TAX and Obama has requested another 1.1 billion to the already 51 billion that we spend per year on fighting the war on drugs. If you live in a state that has made Naloxone OTC.. that would suggest that your state bureaucrats are more concerned about those who are abusing opiates than chronic pain pts being denied care… forced to the street to seek relief and or end up committing suicide in desperation.

In the last Presidential election there was a total of a 126 million votes cast and FIVE MILLION separated the winner and loser and the chronic pain community and others being screwed with could number 150 million or more. 

There is excuse for not voting… if you are not registered… you can register by mail… if you can’t drive or have transportation.. you can vote by mail as well.

Let’s get chronic disease proper  treatment part of the national Presidential discussion










List of Congressional Contact

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  1. […] I am going to start making FB posts and tweets […]

  2. i call bullshit on that number of 106 million chronic pain patients. I’ve seen similar numbers from other sources as well (i.e. the AAPM) but bullshit on them, too. you realize that amounts to 1 out of every 3 people in the US. that’s not 1 out of 3 adults but 1 out of every 3 man, woman and child. it does nobody any good to parrot unrealistic and exaggerated statistics. it makes the advocates of prescription drug abuse, like yourself, look desperate and ill informed.

    instead, maybe you can you report on how many actual ‘chronic pain patients’ are able to manage their pain without dangerously addictive narcotic drugs vs. how many people who are in reality addicted to narcotics merely claim to be ‘chronic pain patients’? those types of numbers would actually shed some light on the crux of the problem and maybe lend some legitimacy to the plight of the chronically pained.

    i know it may not seem like it, steve, but i do appreciate what you do. we have a narcotic problem in this country. let’s not minimize its severity by calling it a pain problem.

    • That 106 million doesn’t mean that all are suffering from SEVERE CHRONIC PAIN.. just from chronic pain.. if you pay attention to TV ads there is a very sizeable number of ads for NSAIDS, Tylenol and in combination with Diphenhydramine to help people sleep. That would suggest that there is a sizeable demand to treat pain and sleep/pain in our society. Perhaps you should watch this video about a group that deals with children in pain http://youtu.be/CauxvRMmLhA. Perhaps if you were more involved with the chronic pain community you would be aware of those that are committing suicide because they medication that they have been on for years .. has been reduced or eliminated… based on some legislatures’ or bureaucrats’ belief what is medically necessary and morally correct. Did you ever stop and think that 100% of opiate involved deaths are labeled as ACCIDENTAL/UNINTENTIONAL… the law of probability would strong suggest that 100% being accidental would be impossible… given the fact that we have 50,000 suicides in their country every year and none are done using opiates. It was reported last night on a Fox news special Dr. Manny: Report on fatal medical errors highlights need for more transparency where it was reported that only 5% of deaths have a autopsy .. so 95% of the cause of death on the death certificate is a “educated guess” by a physician. It is reported that 2.1 million serious substance abusers – < 1% of the population and we spend 51 billion trying to get these people suffering from the mental health issue of addictive personality disorder. Meaning that we are spending about $25,000 per substance abuser/yr about 2.5 times what we spend per capita on overall healthcare. When you put the judicial system in charge of dealing with a mental health issue.. this is what we end up with... a concept/process much like a dog chasing its tail. The reliability of the CDC's stats on the cause of death is highly suspect and those who have an agenda slice/dice those numbers to create a large enough number that it sounds impressive or scary. They will blend legal opiates obtained illegally into the abuse of Heroin and acetyl fentanyl. There are a lot of "statement of facts" without any documentation of where the numbers came from.. and the media and others accept them as the truth. IMO.. we don't have a opiate abuse epidemic.. we have a fabricated epidemic based on factoids and hysteria ...

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