I am getting out of this mess

I have had it with all those “little boys” in Silicon Valley. First it was President Trump and many around him Now they are trying to protect HEDGE FUNDS because some “kids’ on the RobinHood stock trading system… outsmarted those running hedge funds.. these “kids” found out stocks that the hedge funds had huge short position on certain stocks first it was Game Stop and AMC movie house… they ran the price of these two companies thru the roof.. causing some hedge funds to lose BILLIONS. They were doing just what hedge funds do – to make money – It is reported that FAKE BOOK closed any page they believed was involved in this activity.

Jan 31 ,2021 will be the last time that I post on FB or twitter…

I have opened an account on GAB.COM, Mewe.com and my email (steve@steveariens.com) and my blog (www.pharmaciststeve.com) will continue to be the focus of my posts. I have posted a video that Glenn Beck posted about a month ago and I could not have said it any better.  It seems like larger corporations are taking sides on many issues…. some out in the open and untold numbers may be doing “things” in the shadows.

I am not going to delete my FB or Twitter account… there is a lot of value information that others may find useful

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  1. I am with you! It would great if everyone left these big tech platforms and show them American people are not going to accept their censorship , Communist control over freedom of speech.
    I’m loving Telegram, with a channel called -Disclose.Tv with their voice chat. It’s awesome to hear people chat from all over world discussing civil about the topics going on across our plant. Now that’s freedom of speach.
    I’m also on MeWe though I hear it’s a China app, not sure about that.
    I also like Rumble, Bitchute, NewTube & Brighteon to watch videos.
    I hope to see some of my. Friends on alternative social media. I don’t miss FedBook who’s using AI to invade privacy. Or Twitter either. I miss my friends from those but I’m making new friends also.
    We have to continue to fight for our freedoms. If FB & Twitter lost the majority of their users, could be a good way to show them they are Not Winning!

  2. And Im going where you go Steve No im not stalking lol I tried to remove my account from TWATTER and I cant find a way to do..That doesnt mean it doesnt exist.. If anyone knows how to delete TWITTER account I would be grateful if you could share the “How To” T.Y.

  3. Man’s governments change. Greed is their only motive. They go to war. They commit blasphemy. They kill. They always have. Now we have means to broadcast their crimes and our reactions within minutes of these events. It’s an old story now. Soon the Creator will bring peace. Have no fear.

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