husband called Winn-Dixie corporate and they said the Pharmacist was just outright lying to you !

My husband was getting his medication at Winn-Dixie and had been getting it for several years and after 3 weeks of waiting the pharmacist told him he no longer fit the criteria and he asked what was that he said he didn’t know but corporate told them so my husband called corporate and they said he was just outright lying to you and then when he told us the pharmacies only get so much medication in the pharmacist is deciding who he wants to give it to and who he doesn’t want to give it to

In FL. you can only get 3 days worth up to 7 days if they had surgery. Primary Care Dr can’t write for any kind of narcotic. My husband was getting his medication at Walmart and the pharmacist contacted his doctor and wanted him to drop one pill every month until he was totally off of them. Well then what do you do? I don’t know if this is just in the State of Florida or in the whole country but each pharmacist carry their own license and it’s up to them if they want to fill your medication or not. My husband just got cut from 140 oxycodone 30 mg down to 112.

Walmart is no longer going to carry any type of narcotic. When he went to the doctor this past month they gave him a prescription for Narcan. They gave all of the patients a prescription

I was at a FL Board of Pharmacy (BOP) meeting in June 2015 and a chronic pain doc asked the board’s attorney if a pharmacist lying to a pt is against the pharmacy practice act (unprofessional conduct) and the attorney’s answer … paraphrase – there is nothing in the practice act that addresses that … apparently in FL the bar to be crossed – must be awful high – for the BOP to consider a pharmacist’s action guilty of unprofessional conduct ?

I have not read the FL Pharmacy practice act but most practice acts states that a pharmacy MUST STOCK MEDICATIONS that are commonly used in their market place… so any pharmacy stopping the stocking a  commonly used medication could be putting their pharmacy license at risk and/or getting fined.

Since the majority of legal opiates are prescribed/sold to those with some degree of chronic pain… could a store or chain that has decided to stop stocking opiates as a store/company policy be directly/indirectly  in violation of the Americans with Disability Act and Civil Rights Act and be guilty of a civil rights violation against a protect class of people/pts ? Something for a class action law firm and our court system to decide ?


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  1. These new drug laws are a gift to those in big government working towards the New World Order. They will watch the population fall from suicide. Their mission to save the Medicare and Medicaid and Social Security financial output will be substantial. To those who think we are living in a free nation you had better check again. This is pure Communism at work within the depths of our judicial and bureaucratic system to accomplish a four fold financial agenda in America. There is nothing medically humane, democratic or even logical about these laws. They want those who take the Rx for chronic pain, dead! Money as always is at the root of their agenda.

  2. I just wish someone could find some attorney –& a client with a whole bunch of $$$– to actually start a class action suit. There’s a lot of talk about it among pain patients, but sorta by definition, most of us aren’t exactly rolling in money since most have had to quit working.

  3. Everyone needs to look up their state laws online governing the prescribing of opiates. Do Not Believe Anything Your Pharmacist Or Doctor Tells You.

    Primary Care Providers can write prescriptions for opiates in all 50 states.
    There are exceptions to the 3,day limit on opiates for acute pain.

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