Human sloths ?

Watch: ‘Drugged-Up’ Cashiers Fall Asleep While Scanning Items

A viral video making the rounds this morning shows two cashiers who viewers assume are on some form of prescription opiates.

The video shows two middle-aged women, who appear to be sleeping, standing up behind the counter at a convenience store. They remain motionless until a customer greets them with a pointed, “Hello?”

 What follows is two arduous minutes ringing up six dollars worth of snacks. The cashiers are both slow and sluggish. Their words are slurred and their eyes are glazed over. The one that’s not ringing up products struggles just to stay awake.

The video is titled, “America’s Opioid Epidemic,” and the caption reads: “Really got to wonder why the powers that be think this type of stuff is okay and marijuana is not…”

 The top comments all share a similar sentiment: “Don’t do drugs, kids,” one user wrote.

The rising trend of opioid abuse in America has been a hot button issue for a while now, as the problem has slowly risen to prominence. Prescription pain killers are being over-prescribed or wrongly prescribed across the country, and the pills are acting as a gateway to heroin addiction.

 The opioid epidemic was one of the key elements to President Donald Trump’s platform, and he’s promised to find a solution while he’s in office. At the end of last month, the president officially declared the situation a public health emergency.

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  1. It seems what one administration starts, the other finishes. Like the “Patriot” Act becomes The “New Freedom Act”, only worse. This will be the last war on pain patients, as there are too many suffering, and will continue to be. One very important”pandemic” which” is not addressed however is the illegal and dangerous installation of “SMART” Tech, ranging from”Meters” to Satellites. I Strongly recommend people wake-up to the profound implementations of their use before it’s too late.

  2. They could be on Heroin!! How can anyone assume its “prescription opiates”?? Most pain patients fill prescriptions for pain meds so they can go to work!
    There’s a HUGE difference in taking prescribed medications as directed and abusing illegal opiates. I have to believe this video is of the latter. Two people, side by side, working together, obviously sharing illegal drugs!
    Stop bashing the pain patients!!!!

  3. They could be stoned on marijuana. It doesn’t always have to be opiates.

  4. This is propaganda … Depicting these women as ‘being on some type of prescription opiates’ and capturing their behaviour does not prove opiates are the causative means for their sloth like mode.
    Another brick in the wall irrationally blaming OPIATES …
    There are numerous substances which could be causing their ‘STUPOR’.

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