How responsive some members of Congress are ?

Several weeks ago I sent a email to the three members of Congress that representatives in the Senate for Indiana and Indiana’s  9th district in Indiana

What I wrote them about had nothing to do about chronic pain put what I had experienced from our Medicare Part D insurance and charging us about SIX TIMES as our copay that I could purchase the prescription medication – FOR CASH.

The first to response was Senator Donnelly 

Good example of how out of touch some Senators are ?

The email that I got from him… had nothing to do with the issues that I had written to him about…

The Second response was a phone call from the Director of Legislative Assistants for Rep  Trey Hollingsworth…

This person indicated that Rep Hollingsworth was starting to pay attention to what I had expressed concerns about and indicated that I should expect a personal phone call from Rep Hollingsworth in the near future — as of today 07/27/2018 .. no phone call

I had also contacted Senator Todd Young’s office

and again as of this date 07/27/2018  – have not hear a thing from this office…

what I find interesting… Senator Donnelly and Rep Hollingsworth are up for RE-ELECTION in NOV… Senator Youngs is not up for RE-ELECTION until 2022

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