How many pieces are missing from the puzzle ?

I have been posting on this blog, now in my SIXTH YEAR…  Hardly a week that doesn’t go by that I get at least one notice that someone has added me to a NEW FACE BOOK PAGE CONCERNING CHRONIC PAIN.

Just how many THOUSAND(s) for Face Book Pages do we need that are focused on those in the chronic pain community and it’s issues ?

Does the old saying “United we stand… divided we fall ” … seem to apply here.

IMO, there is simply a SINGLE ISSUE that effects all of those in the chronic pain community – you are either getting adequate pain management or you are being denied adequate pain management… There are numerous players involved prescribers, pharmacists, insurance companies and various governmental agencies.

There are a number of sub-issues,  but helping getting optimized pain management for all chronic pain pts.. those other issues should go away or become basically non-issues.

It is estimated that there is about 230 million eligible voters and in the typical Presidential election… 106 million will fail to vote and more will fail to vote in “off-year” elections.

Generally speaking, 98% of politicians – especially Congress – will get reelected no matter what they do – or don’t do – when they are in office.

Congress and state legislatures generally function on a seniority basis… those who have been around the longest, get to pretty much control what bills get passed or even what bills even get to be voted on by the entire body.

Everyone should be able to register to vote BY MAIL and vote BY MAIL.. there is no reason for failing to vote… If you don’t know who to vote for… vote for the person challenges the current person holding the office.  Especially those who have been “in power” for decades.

The other issue is that all of these thousands of Face Book Pages either need to consolidate or their members consolidate around a SINGLE FACE BOOK PAGE… so that everyone can get a better picture of what is going on for/against those in the chronic pain community..   A clearer picture – unlike the above puzzle…

You can contact the media and politicians, but the DEA and other agencies have at least a couple of dozen decades lead in putting out anti-opiate propaganda pieces…

Here is a link to all the press releases from the 22 DEA offices across the country back to 2002

We also don’t know how many “behind closed door meetings” that upper level DEA agents have with members of Congress and members of city/county/state of law enforcement that can have “informal -off the record -meetings” with bureaucrats/legislators.

The chronic pain community doesn’t need a SINGLE SPOKESPERSON… but.. they do need a SINGLE MESSAGE… Until that happens, the chronic pain community will look like the above puzzle … no clear picture/message because a lot of pieces are missing.

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  1. Dr Lawhern started a site just recently. “The alliance for The treatment of intractable”
    Check it out. Its to get everyone on one site.

  2. I agree with you Pharmacist Steve. We should all be joined to the group or page who has a multifaceted agenda on winning in pain care?
    Sadly I don’t think all pain patients agree on things. We all have one in common, getting access to pain management back!! But,
    Seems mainly the same people in all these groups. They’re all spread out and not United at all.
    They’ll never be a voice loud enough The way it’s going.

  3. forgive spelling this kindle changes words at will regardless hopefully you get the overall mssg. fascist govt do not allow votes to count.period.

  4. the problem you have is that v u are one of the 106 million copies left that think there is some form of legitimacy left I this criminal network that masquerades as a govt. Voting? that’s a good one. Why don’t you pick Google voting fraud and election fraud (2 different things) if you don’t find enough evidence to write a book by to borrow I’ll eat my words. The Constitution is a very short document. It is a contract w/we the people and it is the ONLY SUPREME LAW OF THE LAND. That BOTH parties violate nearly every restriction on power is evidence that we need to make 535 ARRESTS because if voting bums out worked we would not have a rogue fascist govt. I’m fascism, in case you are unaware of what that is, it’s when corporations+banks ARE the govt. Too big to fail ring a bell. Do you Do not see the number of Goldman Sachs bankers in every cabinet whether GOP or demoncrat? Drumpf (true surmane) cried to the people about undue influence G..Sucks had over Rodhamstein (true surname) yet when elected installed same Soros and Goldman Sachs p.o.s. that Obramawitz (true surname) had, the same ones Bush had the same ones Clinton had.
    When you owe a bank money who do you think calls the shots, the borrower or lender?
    Can you explain one reason other than bribery or threats (Plato o plomo ring a bell?) Why a govt would pay a PRIVATE BANK MONEY TO PRINT ITS OWN CURRENCY, when #1- it’s unlawful , only Congress has control over the money and it cannot be based on anything but gold +silver, period, no abrogation tof the chord to some outside entity. #2-it makes no sense to pay a private bank to do something a govt can and has done for years for free, the whole national debt is con scheme, the biggest in history, a hoax, and a crime.
    Whether they are called regulations or laws what’s the differeNCE WHEN TJEY ARE ENCORCED THE same?
    As far as crIMINALS LIKE DEA? the ones who take boomers from drug cartels (remember that one) IMPORT DRUGS INTO THE U.S., and violate people’s rights (NATURAL GOD GIVEN RIGHTS NOT CIVIL. GOVT GIVEN RIGHTS) AT WILL ? Do you not recall Congress telling them tHEY WERE NOT TOO USE APPROPRIATED money for CARRYING OUT raids on legal state MJ. dispensaries? They disregarded this direct order from the people reps and conf nude to do what they wanted. This is a rogue cr I know armed gang that used it’s OWN MONEY gained from seizures None of them lawful. (are you aware of the differeNCE between lawful and legal? you can bet THEY do. Are you aware of how they changed the court systems? Do you know what Constitutioonal Common Law and Maritime Statutotry Law are? We are ruled over by corporations, using cOmmercial law/U.C.C.. Do you understand a man cannot practice law w/out being a member of a cr I I am monopoly private corporation called the British Accreditation Registry? Get that British part? Are you appears that the Federal Reserve is a private bank owned by 8 vs jokes and 6 of whom are not even American? For all intents and purposes sir WE do NOT HAVE A GOvt! we have an occupying presence that does what it wants what the people want be damned. You doing replace a few members of a criminal organization and expect things to be fixed. We are in dire straights and I am afraid most people like you w/issues dead to their heart cannot see this because they are looking t at their problem w/a microscope and cannot seethe Forrest for the trees. When you talk about voting to don’t what the he’ll you are talking about. Why do you th I K so many people have given. up on it?

    Once upon a time in America one had to do two things I order to be brought i to a court.
    1- kill or injure someone
    2-steal or damage someone’s property
    ThATs IT! I
    NOW? Can you imagine Thomas Jefferson being told to lose in a cup because we are back g problems w/overdoses? What speak you think I this man would tell you to do w/that cup of your problem or what that had to do w/him?
    I’m ancient times when societies were defeated they were made to pay a tribute Most were take in co Madison to the taxes we are made to pay UNLAWFULLY ACCORFING TO THE ONLY LAW TUWT MATTERS CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. Do you think you actually even own something yon pay taxes on? You get permits for activities that are otherwise illegal. Are you starting to get the picture here?
    We need to arrest this govt and r return to our way of life free from these terrorists that call themselves our govt yet allow us tonne poisoned and taxed to death w/no recourse except to vote for one of two preloaded stories who will do whatever the banks tell them to do. Wake up sir, you are living in a matrix, that movie series was an allegories of life I America today. If you think your vote counts you are lost my friend.

  5. Steve, you are exactly right! I’ve been fearing that a bunch of groups would pop up, duplicating efforts, further splitting the chronic pain community, possibly hampering future donations needed to hire a professional fundraiser/advocate, and slowing the process down. All chronic pain patients have the same goal and for many of us, it’s a life and death issue. At the very least, if multiple groups do gain traction, I surely hope that they will cooperate and coordinate. I realize we don’t need more Facebook groups on the same issue, however, after spending time and strategizing last weekend with Dr. Tennant, I have started a support page in the hopes that pain patients will throw their voices behind him and speak up to the CA DEA offices, AG’s offices, House/Senate Judiciary DEA Oversight Committees and so on. More needs to be done, obviously, but it’s a start. Facebook: Dr. Forest Tennant Supporters.

  6. Think it will happen? People like to talk and complain but very few even remember what they read 5 seconds later. On to the next article that grabs their attention.

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