Hospital That Killed Alfie Has Been Caught Selling Child Organs

Hospital That Killed Alfie Has Been Caught Selling Child Organs

This must be the pride of socialized medicine.

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital in Liverpool, England, became notorious in international headlines last week as the site of the legal “execution” of a stricken toddler over the wishes of his parents, as well supporters of the parents on both sides of the Atlantic, and even in the Holy See.

But the hospital had a well-documented history of being the scene of abusive medical practices long before it admitted young Alfie Evans into what became his death chamber.

A summary of a government report about the scandal, published by the U.K. Guardian in 2001, noted that the dead children’s “parents were distraught to find that thousands of body parts had been removed and kept in hospital storage.”

According to The Guardian, the organs in those cases were removed during autopsies, a standard practice. But the families were never informed that parts of the bodies of their children had been kept for research purposes.

The hospital actually transferred the thymus glands removed from living children during heart surgery to the French vaccine maker Aventis Pasteur in exchange for a small “donation.”

The hospital received about five British pounds for each gland (worth about $7.50 to $10 USD). An exact number of the organs wasn’t reported, but it was believed to be in the hundreds.

The thymus gland is an important part of the body’s immune system, so it’s easy to see why a vaccine research firm would be interested in a steady supply — even if the organs came from still-living children and essentially sold without the knowledge or consent of those children’s parents.

In January 2001, an Alder Hey spokeswoman confirmed to The Guardian the exchanges had taken place.

At the time of that report, a pediatrician associated with Alder Hey tried to justify the obviously ghoulish practice of removing bodily organs from living children and selling them without the knowledge of the parents by saying the company produced a drug that helped treat children with anemia.

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Maybe all of that is true. Obviously, medical research involves methods laypeople would consider gruesome, and the products pharmaceutical companies manufacture obviously save lives.

But the fact remains that a British hospital, part of the country’s vaunted system of socialized medicine, was harvesting organs from living children and selling them to a commercial company without the knowledge of the people who really mattered.

What it comes down to is this: The British hospital that essentially killed a helpless toddler last week by removing the boy from life support, then refusing to allow his parents to take him to seek treatment that was available elsewhere, has a documented history of shamefully using the bodies of its child patients.

And it did it by taking a step even further than  other hospitals in Britain’s National Health Service.

Any American who might still be undecided about Obamacare and its death panels, or thinking about backing someone with the beliefs of Bernie “Single Payer” Sanders, should be watching the death of Alfie Evans and the hospital where it took place carefully.

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  1. Planned Parenthood doesn’t sell the aborted fetus/parts of the fetus. The article is entirely sensational. PP donates fetal tissue for research and by law they are allowed to be reimbursed for costs associated with the storage and shipping of the tissues. Only two PP clinics donate tissue and only one gets reimbursed, and only 60 bucks per specimen. Just looking at shipping packaging costs, it’s obvious they make no profit from that payment. PP also gets the consent of every woman who has donated the tissue. Women donate it out of their own free will and are happy to do so and they say so every time they’ve been interviewed about this.

  2. So we’re lumping the inevitable death of a toddler with practices that went on 20+ years ago? The COURT system denied Alfie Evans’ parents from taking him to Italy, where the outcome would have been the same. He had a degenerative neurological illness and had been on full life support for many months without any hope of survival. And are there still people who think there are Obamacare “death panels”? No hospital killed Alfie. Alfie had a horrible disease and life support was appropriately withdrawn. He was allowed to die–not executed. The tone here would suggest many of us in the medical field are heartless killers. One wonders if the author has ever been part of such a terrible case…?

  3. Whom ever wrote this is exploiting the death of a child for their own political purpose. They are no better than the hospital. None of this has anything to do with a single payer system or Bernie Sanders. Shame one you!

    If the hospital did in fact harvest organs off of children who were expected to live, and/or without consent from parents of children who died it was because the perfect number of sick minded people without ethics happened to work all under one roof.

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