HHS: help the addict and ignore the deaths of chronic painers from under/untreated pain ?

Is this what you get when our President, VP, AG, Head of HHS are all attorneys… You focus on helping those who are violating the Controlled Substance Act while at the same time you ignore the number of chronic pain pts that are dying prematurely and committing suicide because of grossly under/untreated pain.  How many chronic pain pt’s deaths are really being labeled as a “opiate use disorder death” to help them justify the administration to help try and save those dealing with mental health issues and substance abuse…many of who really don’t want to be helped ?

HHS unveils drug overdose prevention plan to boost accessibility to care


Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Xavier Becerra unveiled on Wednesday the Biden administration’s drug overdose prevention plan, aiming to increase access to care among those with substance use disorders.

The four-part HHS plan focuses on efforts to promote evidence-based prevention, harm reduction, treatment and recovery support among those struggling with drug overuse and their families. 

The strategy comes as HHS released a report finding that more than 840,000 people died from drug overdoses in the U.S. between 1999 and 2019, including about 93,000 last year during the COVID-19 pandemic when overdose fatalities rose. In the report, HHS labels confronting these overdose deaths as “a top priority” for the department. 

The administration intends to funnel more resources into researching testing strips that detect the strong opiate fentanyl sometimes hidden in drugs, supporting syringe distribution and exchange services, and boosting access to opioid overdose reversal treatments such as the drug naloxone. 

Goals for improving prevention range from supporting the advancement of pain management treatments to reducing “clinically inappropriate” prescriptions with “misuse potential.” The plan also aims to develop, improve and extend access to treatments and recovery services for those who currently have a substance use disorder. 

In a statement, Becerra said the strategy is “breaking new ground to address the full range of drug use and addiction.”

“We’re changing the way we address overdoses,” he said. “Our new strategy focuses on people — putting the very individuals who have struggled with addiction in positions of power.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) also announced on Wednesday an education campaign focused on reducing overdose deaths. 

The campaign that targets 18- to 34-year-olds plans to teach about the risks of fentanyl and of mixing drugs as well as about naloxone, the drug that serves as an antidote to opioid overdoses.

“This critical information can help all of us save a life from overdose and support people who use drugs in treatment and recovery,” said Debra Houry, acting principal deputy director of CDC.  

The CDC estimates that drug overdose deaths reached new heights last year, with preliminary data showing a record of almost 97,000 deaths in the 12-month period ending in March.  

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  1. that’s what you get when POTUS intentionally leaves our southern border wide open for MILLIONS of illegals to pour in, while drug cartels & mules easily traffic oogles of deadly illicit fentanyl into our country that’s killing tens of thousands of americans so they can use the overdose numbers to justify targeting doctors & patients with chronic intractable pain. y’all can say what you will about Trump, but the current “president” is a blabbering idiot clown making a complete mockery of the USA. His cabinet members are totally biased and INEPT in every way & our adversaries are laughing at the unmitigated disaster known as the Biden admin. & drooling as they watch our country implode as Joe hides in the fake white house (across the street from the real one) what an EMBARRASSMENT!!! But, after all….no more mean tweets from the big bad “orange man” – I hope everyone who voted for this POS is happy with the sh8tshow they created!!!!! MORONS!

  2. Since the DEA can only provide a ‘token’ effort for the opiates coming in, maybe we can appeal to the illicit manufacturers to provide abandoned severe pain sufferers a reliable dose?

    • That’s starting to look better every day. The DEA won’t stop going after doctors if the state governments don’t stop them. My State Rep and Senator are trying to get something done for Ohio but “keep running in to roadblocks.” What happened to HIPPA? It disappeared with the ACA. That’s what started this torture, not the CDC Guideline. They just put it in words. The National Pain Strategy finished us off.
      Everyone with a spouse and their family that still pays federal taxes should stop. Taxpayers are funding our torture but most of them don’t know it.
      I have something written up and saved in my notes. If I’m going to watch You Tube videos, I copy it and when I get a notification for a new video, I go to it and post it as soon as possible. I’m trying everything I can think of to tell everyone! I’m hoping someone important will see it. I’m getting desperate…

      • all the prescribers have to do – before the DEA vultures start circling – put all their assets in a irrevocable trust… they make themselves basically penniless and the DEA won’t be able to use the Civil Asset Forfeiture Law to confiscate all their assets. Few seem to notice that the DEA raid prescribers who are generally 50+ y/o… have their student loans paid off as well as their house and started a good retirement nest egg. It is the same reason people rob banks… that is where the money is… and the DEA gets to put all that $$$ in their own coffers.. and spend for whatever “new toys” that they want.

        • Of course you are right Pharmacist Steve. Being much sicker I can’t even remember my name for 5 minutes in a row anymore. You really are right! We are trying to get my Vitamin D up past 11 (eleven).

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