HELLO !!!…putting things on the internet can piss a lot of people off and make you look stupid ?

Apparently this young pharmacy technician from AL… felt compelled to get creative and create a parody song of Adele’s new hit song “HELLO”. Some have posted that she works at a BIG BOX store… the one that has the FOUR DOLLAR VALUE PRESCRIPTION MENU.

I have a Pharmacist friend that just retired from working years for this same company in MS… MS, like AL… has above average poor/poorly educated population and some of the stories that he has relayed to be about the demands, demeanor and expectations of way too many Rx pts … makes you want to shake your head in disbelief. But in talking with Rx dept staff in other companies and other parts of the country.. this kind of behavior is not isolate to these two states. It seems to becoming a epidemic of rudeness.

Let’s face it.. in a pharmacy you are dealing with many sick people who may not be feeling well and they are having to spend money on something that they would rather no purchase in the first place and could be costing them more than they can really afford.

IMO, Pharmacists tend to be spineless, ball-less pleasers and their corporate employers want to make all customers happy.. or at least not hear from unhappy customers… at corporate HQ. Ignorance is bliss concept.

Much of what this young woman states in her recording is unfortunately true for way too many pts. Some of this is caused by practitioners telling pts one set of directions and writing different directions on the prescription. Others are because the practitioner is “token dosing” the pt.. not really giving the pt high enough dose to properly treat the intensity of their subjective disease (pain, depression, anxiety, mental health).

IMO, this young woman’s attempt at some humor..  “Weird Al” Yankovic she is not… didn’t even come close to its target and has offended many with serious chronic diseases. I am sure that this mindset did not evolve with her.. all by herself and these types of comments are quite common on “closed” Face Book pages that are devoted to “angry Pharmacist/technicians” which the general public are never able to witness/read.

We have all done dumb/stupid things in our youth.. that are only known to ourselves or a friend or two.. Today, thanks to the internet some young people who do stupid things.. they get to share their stupidity with thousands or MILLIONS.

I vote to give her a break … for saying OUT LOUD on the internet what a whole hell of a lot of Pharmacists and technicians are saying behind your back.

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  1. So unless you, in your job wait on people on a daily basis, have people staring out you while you do your job, and demand that you break laws to get them their prescriptions, you do not have a say.
    This is not about the good people that have pain issues and need required medications. It is about the growing epidemic of pain addicts that search out doctors and pharmacies to obtain these highly sought after medications. What do they do with meds? They flood your schools and neighborhoods with them placing our youth in jeopardy.
    It is about the people using government programs to fund their drug business. How many times did they say, I will pay cash for it..we are not talking $30, think more in the order of $2200 in cash. They are taking the money away from our truly needy individuals and families. Then you watch them exchange it for cash in your parking lot.
    It is about the individuals that are known at every pharmavy in a 10 mile radius seeing every day doctor. They tie up emergency room with drug seeking visits. They break in your cars for change and money to but the drugs legally or not. They leave syringes and pipes in your playgrounds.
    So before you judge her, take a look from the other side. Pharmacy technicians have a difficult job and put up with people when they are at their worst, in pain, children sick, scared from new diagnosis, fear of taking more meds, and concerned over how to pay for their needed meds.
    Don’t make us deal with scammers when we have legitamat patients to treat, hold their hand, and help solve insurance problems.

  2. People can be offended over anything. I am a pain patient and I thought it was funny. What good is life if we can’t laugh at ourselves? Pharmacist Steve wrote a piece about silly customers. I thought it was hilarious and shared it with my pharmacist, who shared it with her techs. It was a great laugh and a stress reliever I’m sure. Why do people have to always be offended?

  3. this is what it looks like when you havnt come to terms with the reality that you were too stupid to go to med school

    • I would just like she is a pharmacy technician and NOT a pharmacist. I am not sure if you are implying that pharmacists are “too stupid” to go to med school because that is the most ridiculous statement I have ever heard of.

  4. […] HELLO !!!…putting things on the internet can piss a lot of people off and make you look stupid ? […]

  5. While I believe what she did was wrong & stupid, I do have empathy for pharmacists as I have seen them deal w/ some very nasty patients! You must also remember that while rx abuse is way down now; it was not that long ago that it was in full swing w/ pill mills popping up in strip malls all over, taking walk ins & creating addicts! So I’m sure pharms had a very hard time trying to tell who was abusing & who was actually in pain & have heard every excuse possible.
    Now that most pill mills are gone & addicts have moved on to heroin, pharms. are still jaded; even though they now have been given many resources & tools to verify that their patients are legit. they have no excuse to continue to treat pain patients this way! Most of these pharms. that treat their pain patients as criminals, bring this on themselves & are causing needless pain & suffering!
    To this girl, all I can say is GROW UP & STOP w/ the SELF PITY!

    • Screw her! She is a self righteous, entitled little bitch who had NO BUSINESS dealing with the general public! Especially people who are sick and in pain! Are there people abusing the system and treating her badly? Yes, I have NO DOUBT! TOO BAD! I have been a cocktail waitress, a food server, a retail clerk, a teacher, and worked at the Main Gate at Disneyland. I’ve been abused verbally, physically, spit up on, cussed out, etc, etc, etc…..if you CANT TAKE THE PRESSURE, GET ANOTHER JOB!!!
      I DIDN’T ASK to have over 10 autoimmune and chronic pain illnesses /conditions that caused my career to end. My life is a basically Drs appointments, meds, and rest. It sucks! I’ve been treated HORRIBLY by pharmacists who have given me the wrong meds, then accused me of switching them myself…..ugh, REALLY? IT NEVER ENDS for those if us in agonizing pain. So I don’t give a RATS ASS if she thinks she’s cute with her little song and her HATEFUL ATTITUDE AND INTOLERANCE of people’s needs and her judgement. I don’t look like I’m suffering in horrible pain, but I am. Shame in her, and on ANYBODY who defends her. Grow up bitch, get a job at a Starbucks or a McDonalds…you are a worthless human being.

  6. Guess I am just old fashioned; Unprofessional to publicly denounce a population, who feeds you! No one ever said working with the public is easy…..many of us have done it many years without cutting off the hand that feeds us!

  7. I would love to get to know her better. For there must be something in her life that is uncomfortable or sad or life-threatening — something. Because I have written lyrics to more than 100 songs, I could write her a song, but I wouldn’t copyright infringe using someone else’s tune. Poor thing. Poor little girl.

  8. There was another piece a while back about pain patients coming into the ER.

  9. Doesn’t change fact she is in the wrong line of work if this gets to her & she feels overwhelmed dealing with the public (albeit sickly public). If this wears her out-YIKES- she’d be dead dealing with untreated chronic pain!!!

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