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Combat veteran Ross F. is about to have his 2nd back surgery and after taking his Rx to the pharmacy at Walmart in Deerfield Beach they would not fill his Rx for post op pain, which surgery is scheduled in 2 days. Ross is an avid herbalist and advocate for kratom. He is also father, husband, disabled combat veterans and a psychotherapist. He said “They want to know why we use kratom, this is why!” He said he’s not even in recovery and now he knows what his patients feel. He said with the level pain he understands why going to buy dope is a viable option being treated and profiled like a drug seeker seems like a viable option. This is why military veterans sought kratom and other healing herbs. This is why educating and protecting safe access to kratom is so much more important now more than ever.


Link below will help you find a independent pharmacy – that WON’T PLAY GAMES WITH PT’S MEDICAL NEEDS


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  1. PMC Pharmacy in Horsham PA is fantastic. They started out as a pain medication only pharmacy. They work in concert with your pain management doctor to ensure that you receive what your doctor has ordered for you. They are licensed in PA, DE, and NJ. They deliver the medication to your home. You or a trusted person 18 years of age or older must be there to sign for your medication. I’ve been using them for a little over 7 years now. I wish my insurance company let me use them to fill all my meds. They also carry vitamins and supplements. I get my Vit D3 from them every month.
    They were very supportive of the Don’t Punish Pain Rally we had in September. They helped advertise the Philadelphia Rally for me. I couldn’t be happier with their customer service and caring staff.

  2. I see a pharmacist doing his job in this video. He was not treating the customer badly. He was following a policy.All he wanted to do was call the doctor so he could verify the dose or the number of days necessary for post-surgical pain. It is a policy that the company put in place should he ignore it & lose his job. Stop filming pharmacists who are doing their jobs. He wasn’t doing anything wrong.

  3. Painman…I totally agree with you. That’s why I had taken Steve’s advise over 3 years ago and switched to an independent pharmacy in my hometown.

  4. I tried so many different strains & brands of krotom and none worked for me, im in that small percentile that it does nothing for! So frustrating, but it must be available for the people who choose to use it & who have found relief from the god awful pain from illness and disease or our injured pain patients!!! This whole war on pain patients is absolutely ridiculous and dangerous. People are not only dying from choosing suicide, they are now in jeopardy of the real crisis of street drugs laced with illegal fentynal when cut off of thier legitimate pain medication FOR LEGITIMATE PAIN issues! This has gotten so bad, we ARE the victims of ill advised and ill informed government and outside agencies who will protect only the drug addicts. I want people suffering with addiction to get all the help and support they need but I’m so tired of it being done at the expense of people already suffering and only trying to survive incurable illnesses & diseases they didn’t bring upon themselves! Wake up America!

  5. People !!!Take all your scripts to small pharmacies co-op type don’t leave any( not 1) to the chain stores. Walmart cvs Walgreens etc etc. hurt them in the cash drawer! Don’t buy q-tips powder makeup nothing and only use in the worst emergencies. You will be heard if we all do it! Does not matter how long you’ve been there. They don’t care about you whatsoever no matter how phoney nice they are!

    You know it will hurt them I know you do… speak out with your cash!! You should do that for everything you feel strongly about. I do! I hope you will also! They will only take us seriously if we show them we are angry and hurting for way to long!!

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