Harm/Death at the Rx counter ?

dennismillerbook2  Dennis Miller strikes again… after taking 20 + years to write his first book .. a whopping 753 pages.. about the size of WAR & PEACE 🙂

Pharmacy Exposed: 1,000 Things That Can Go Deadly Wrong At the Drugstore

Dennis just published his second book..

Chain Drug Stores Are Dangerous: How Their Reckless Obsession With the Bottom Line Places You At Risk for Serious Harm or Death

I just got my digital copy and not had time to read it yet… but.. using Dennis’ first novel as a guideline… it should be a good read…

I guess that there is a whole lot more material out there in today’s chain work environment .. that it didn’t take Dennis 20 + years to accumulate enough information for his second book..

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  1. Dear Steve. Thanks for introducing me this book. I ordered from amazon.com right away. Medicine is not Candy!

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