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  1. Ditto,,,happy new year to you,,Steve,,,and thank u,,,for all your trying to do,,,,,Your TRUTHFUL ,extremely logical conclusions have helped a lot of us,,shed the TRUTH as to what is happening to all CPP,,
    Lets hope 2018,,,will bring a complete REDRESS of this torture ,genocide and shear cruelity onto the medically ill in physical pain perpetrated by the federal/,state, and some others who are in it for the monies.Let hope 2018 will see a very large lawsuit,,by a very prominent civil rights group,,,actually happen to all who have lied,who were/are liars,and hurt the medically ill in physical pain for financial gain,or some other SICK demented reasons,,,,,,,,maryw

  2. Happy New Year, Steve. Thanks so much for all you do, every day and throughout the years. 🙂

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