H.R. 485 – Protecting Healthcare for All Patients Act

Dear Fellow Americans,

As a result of your efforts (calling and emailing your representatives in D.C. on February 7, 2024), Congress passed H.R. 485 – Protecting Healthcare for All Patients Act.  The passage of H.R 485 in the House is a positive step towards preserving the citizens interest in healthcare policy by prohibiting the usage of “Quality Adjustment Life Years” (QALY) when determining healthcare service eligibility.

The passage of this act prevents insurance companies (and other related businesses), from using the “Quality Adjustment Life Years” (QALY) factor to determine whether or not the individual in question qualifies to receive certain healthcare services; including medications, treatments and procedures that could extend and/or save a person’s life. The passage of this Act ensures that corporations cannot use the quality of life metrics as a barrier to receiving healthcare services, it results in the protection of individual rights over corporate profits.

While this is an encouraging outcome, it is only one of the first steps in the overall process that will take place before this bill can be codified into law.  We as citizens with a vested interest need to be aware of this process so we can participate. 

For example, during the process, there are motions, debates and resolutions that may take place during the session.  It is all recorded, posted and maintained by the Library of Congress – the official website for U.S. federal legislative information.  Regarding H.R. 485, there was a motion to recommit (MTR) prior to the vote.  A MTR provides a final opportunity to the House to debate and amend a measure before the Speaker orders a final vote on passage.

While it is considered “rare” for an MTR to pass, it is typically used by the opposing party to send a “political message of protest” before a final vote.  In the case of H.R. 485, one has to wonder why anyone would oppose the removal of the QALY determination regarding our healthcare.

Now that Congress has passed H.R. 485, it must be reviewed and voted on by the Senate Committee on Finance.   You can read about the entire history of the Bill here

We need to make sure this Bill does not get side-lined so it can be brought to the floor to be voted on.

Stay tuned, we will be sending step by step instructions in an effort to get this Bill to the floor so the Senate Committee on Finance can vote on it.

Upon examining the Roll Call on this vote, it is disappointing to see that our elected officials opted to vote along party lines with the exception of a few members who opted not to vote at all.  A review of the Roll Call reveals the Republican Party voted to protect the citizens interest, prohibiting the use of QALY factor in determining our access to healthcare services.
Our lawmakers are elected to office to represent the citizens interest over corporate interests; they work for us.  With that being said, why are we seeing a clear partisan divide? The need for proper healthcare crosses party lines. Citizens Interest, is a bipartisan, non-profit organization working to combat corruption in healthcare-advocacy that exists within the public, private-partnership mechanism.

Why are our Representatives voting to appease corporate interests over that of the citizens they are elected to represent?  Careful observation of our elected officials voting record speaks louder than any speech they could give at a podium. This is why it is important for the public to participate in our Republic; by paying attention and observing the actions of those who represent us, only then, can we the people, hold our leaders accountable when they have failed in their duties to represent us and our interests.


Citizens Interest

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  1. Which is why cfr 42- 1395 was written,,,to protect us from sh-t like this,,Im glad,of course thheir talking about getten rid of it,,but how the f– was it invented in the 1st place,,,wow,,,,Also folks check your senatores,,,any of them on the finance committee,,,,their the guys to talk w/,,,wisco,,,its johnson,,,just fyi,,,mw

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