Guest Post from: Christine Hoffman

This is in reference to Dr. Mark Ibsen

I hope and pray that you will be able to remain a licensed physician in Montana. You treated my mother in the ER several times, and you did so with wisdom, caring, and compassion. And you were one of the only ones kind enough to listen to this sweet, elderly and very sick person. She always left there with hope and a sense that someone did care to take the time to listen and try to help. And guess what folks? He never that I remember , administered a prescription opiate in the years she saw him when so ill. When it came past the time – she went to a pain specialist towards her end of life. Thank you Dr. Ibsen for giving my Mom the care she needed and the compassion and time necessary to help her to still feel like she was important as a human being. And that you cared about her health and tried to help her to feel better. Its so important to the elderly and I believe you helped many in so many good and rightful ways. It has to be difficult and I would think…..that these accusations made towards you have been challenging for your well being over all that has happened. Im sorry that has happened to you. i am sorry almost no other physician that I know in Helena, will treat the patient in dire straights with ongoing pain. What blackmail in america at the hands of the Board towards patients and physicians. People live in FEAR as do doctors. i hope this dictatorship is abandoned for the sake of all involved. Lets bring back our freedoms and take politics out of medicine. And let us not become cold robots at the hands of todays mentality. We need to salvage human compassion and give people faith that someone will care for them, therefore less fear. And they will not feel such tremendous pain and suffering. Choke it up folks and admit your mistakes towards Dr. Ibsen and society. Stop the witch hunt and give all physicians in Montana the rights to treat their patients as they deem necessary. It will never be perfect. But these folks have gone through intensive training and schooling to practice medicene. Do your scrutinizing then. And if someone is wronged, the patient will gladly inform you. That is when you start to look into things. Forget the witch hunts. That seems to survive in lands of dictatorships.

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  1. Pharmacists afraid
    Doctors afraid
    Patients afraid

    Follow who is NOT afraid in the current discourse, and ask :” What are they up to and why”?

    PAIN is coming for all of us. Or it’s already been here.
    PAIN disables, marginalizes
    Suck the life right out of Ya.

    If compassion is regulated out of medicines: we get robots.

  2. This administration seems to thrive on ‘witch hunts’… I thinks it’s synonomous with their previous mantra of ‘Never let a good crisis go to waste” Its the only way it can keep the public distracted from the lies and overreach on one topic to move on to the next item of overreach and power grabbing. I’m praying this new Congress is successful in stopping the garbage from expanding any further, otherwise this country will be unrecognizable by the next election

  3. Believe me, this to will end. Once the profits dry up and they run out of doctors to go after they will find another cause to substantiate their life styles. But, how many of you are willing to speak up in the mean time? Its time for America to say stop the witch hunts and speak up for those from the 80’s that were prosecuted or does that not matter? I was there but they weren’t after me so I didn’t worry – now they are coming for me – America has a lot to answer for – especially today! 3rd World County?

  4. It’s everywhere unfortunately. My medication was cut because of the doctor’s fear. Tennessee is bragging about investigating the top prescriptions which has every doctor and pharmacy fearful. Just being investigated does not mean guilty. I pray for your caring doctor-they are hard to find.

  5. I agree….just tried to get my pain med filled in the state of FL and its the same crap everytime….what is this country coming to.

  6. America has had its witch hunts for the last several decades in the name of protecting job security. In the 80’s it was DSS fabricating child abuse charges. How many innocent people went to prison over this. Yeah – they got their anatomical correct dolls and placed them in innocent children’s hands and declared when the child undressed the doll it was proof they had been abused – how many little children undressed their dolls every day? Eventually that witch hunt ended but numerous lives were destroyed all at a profit for the government. Now, are we going to allow the government destroy compassionate people in healthcare trying to help those in need all for profit again? Let’s don’t let more lives be ruined for the sake of government dictating how we will be allowed to live. It is a witch hunt for governments greed over compassion for people – is this really America? If you don’t believe, research the outrageous cases of the 80’s of child abuse that the government went forward and prosecuted and see if that isn’t much different today than the witch hunt today – just a different tactic! Like the innocents of the 80’s witch hunt let’s speak up for the innocents of the witch hunt today before many more lives are ruined. It’s time for the government of America to start taking care of Americans rather than destroying them! Like Steve once said, I didn’t speak up because they weren’t after me. Who knows what tomorrows witch hunt will be because there will be another one when this one ends – and they always do but at what cost?

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