Government-sanctioned medical torture, pain treatment, the health care industry, and bodily autonomy

Recorded by the Libertarian Party on 6-23-19. Press release referenced in video:… Dr. Kyle Varner is a practicing hospitalist and expert in health care policy. In his upcoming book, White Coat Cartels, Dr. Varner uncovers the dark side of the US healthcare market. Dr. Varner passionately stands for freeing the market and advocates cash-based services and medical tourism as the prevailing alternatives to the compromised healthcare system we are faced with today. He is a highly sought-after writer and speaker, and has spoken at a number of conferences around the world. He shares his insider’s knowledge on the website to give people the tools they need to take back control of their lives and start making informed decisions about their health. Cara Schulz is a Stage 4 cancer survivor and advocate for humane pain management for cancer patients and chronic pain patients. She has testified on their behalf at the Minnesota State Legislature and is a co-founder of Minnesota Pain Initiative. The Libertarian Party hosts a series conference calls on topics ranging from outreach, activism, current issues, and important updates on our party’s progress. After visit on Health Blog you will get all the details related to health.


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  1. in 10 yrs, my opioid dose never changed. it’s all a bunch of lies!

  2. “cash-based services”? Is that the new euphemism for completely market-driven health care? That’d sure get rid of lots of excess population in a hurry. don’t want all those useless, parasitic poor folk wasting oxygen, anyway; maybe they should just shoot everyone the day they become unable to work any more.

    • Yeah! Libertarians want to portray a world where we can barter chickens and firewood for medical care. They conveniently forget that Ayn Rand, went on Medicare, when she came down with cancer.

  3. Market based healthcare brought us these problems after all this has been profitable. For a price they got physicians, psychiatrists and psychologists to tell us the pain was good for us, it built character, as the peddled books about pain free living for those that could afford it. The expensive alternatives were good for the market.

    Libertarians have a lot of money behind their slick alternative reality, they lobbied against regulations that would have protected us all from this disastrous healthcare system.

  4. In lthis video, I lost my respect for Dr. Kyle Varner’s knowledge regarding chronic pain patients (BIG TIME) just after the 58 minute mark when he said that (basically) for chronic pain that lasts over 6 months, treatment with opioids is not effective and the opioid dose will increase. “For non-cancer chronic pain, for long term opioid use, people are in just as much pain on opioids as they are off opioids after a long period of time”…”out beyond 6 months to a year”. This is BS pure and simple.

    Watch the video series by Doctor Thomas Kline to learn the truth.

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