Good gesture or OVER THE TOP ?

Pharmacist honored for saving patient

From the article:

Frankel had suffered a stroke and had collapsed inside the home, unable to move, according to his son Gary Frankel.

“I think it’s extraordinary that he would make the effort to come all the way out here to check on a customer,” Gary Frankel said. “Who would have thought a pharmacist would even know the name of a customer, let alone think, ‘Well, where’s Murray been for the last couple of days?’”

Since this particular pt was 88 y/o… which would make his son in his 50’s-60’s and his quote kind of made me read it twice..  Has this son never had many Rxs filled, has been forced into a mail order Rx program or some other unusual situation that would allow him to have such a perception of Pharmacists ?

OR.. is this some sort of “press opportunity” for the Sav-On pharmacy that the Pharmacists that works for them… to “demonstrate” how pt orientated and empathetic they are ?

How many of us have “saved a life” by some means or another.. How often do we send out a press release.. or seek public adalation for basically doing our job ?


P.S… maybe we should be sending out press releases every time that we “save a life”… like ..” Pharmacist Steve caught a prescribing error by Dr Smith.. that would have resulted in killing Mrs Jones…”

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