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  1. I sure wish that “investigative reporter”, Marianne Skolek, would LISTEN to something like this. But people like her have already decided their loved ones died due to no actions of their own. It’s all someone else ‘s fault.

    People who overdose, people who’ve succumbed to the disease of addiction, need someone else to blame and a good story to tell those who are sure “my son” or “my daughter” would not use drugs had they not been prescribed them by those seven doctors and had them filled by those seven different pharmacies. Oh, wait, that’s the part they always leave out. The part where they had to work pretty hard to get addicted to those opioids. There’s also the part where other drugs are nearly always a part of the picture too.

    Until people like Ms. Skolek, the PROP followers and anti-opioid zealots from StoppNow and FedUp and their ilk face facts and realize nobody is to blame for the opioid addiction their loved ones were afflicted with except their loved ones, will we be free from stigmatization and blame.

    Chronic pain patients want to live in the wonderful world portrayed in this post too. The problem is we need measured, daily amounts from the “wrong” water bottle just to participate in the activities of everyday life due to circumstances beyond our control. Apparently we have no option because there was no scenario for rats with a need for the other option. We are truly not part of the picture. Sad.

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