Former pt of Dr Tennant before the DEA raided/closed his practice ?

In Memory Of

Jennifer E. Adams age 41 of Helena

December 20, 1976April 25, 2018

Every DEATH starts with “DEA”

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  1. The SEA and it’s agents are directly culpable in the death of this young woman. And they should be held responsible for disrupting the healthcare of all patients who were dependent on Dr Tenants care.

  2. The pain community lost a member of our family. Is this what you wanted, DEA? I dont think that it is. I refuse to believe you are that cold and heartless. We a cant bring Jennifer back to her family, to all her hopes and dreams, but what we can do it put an end to this nonsense. Please. There have been enough deaths, deaths in the guise of “saving” people. Its not working.

  3. May she now rest in peace,mary

  4. God bless her and her family. Such an unnessary and tragic loss of life. Needlessly stolen bY the DEA. My heart aches for her…it could have been prevented!

  5. What a tragic loss for her family
    Her son
    All of us.

  6. If i thought for one second my death would make a difference…i hope Jennifer death does. My condolences to this family her sacrifice is great.

  7. I am so very sorry for the family. I send my condolences and sympathy to them.
    I pray someone from her family raises holy HELL to the our Government. Or can find a way to sue them for this loss!!
    I’m so so sad and so angry at the same time.
    I also hope Doctors hear about this and DO SOMETHING. It’s waay over due to STOP this madness Before it happens to another innocent, Suffering, Disabled patient.

  8. Yes, she was a patient of Dr. Tennant.

  9. Love the Quote, “Every Death begins with DEA”

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