Forfeiture Financial Specialist Supporting the DEA

Forfeiture Financial Specialist Supporting the DEA

Company Name FSA Company Location Atlanta, GA, US

Job description

FSA, a rapidly growing professional services company delivering highly qualified personnel in support of the government’s mission, has an anticipated vacancy for a Forfeiture Financial Specialist.A Forfeiture Financial Specialist Executes The Following DutiesMonitors and analyzes the financial operations of assigned districts.Assists Districts By Providing

  • guidance relative to complex financial assets;
  • (2) support for preparation of annual Asset Forfeiture Fund audit samples; and
  • (3) other support as required.

Identifies potential issues, performs technical and factual research, and recommends alternative solutions.

Provides support in conducting pre seizure analysis.

This includes, but is not limited to net equity analysis, developing “exit strategy”, preparation of recommendation to IAs and USAO, etc.
Submits monthly reports to headquarters documenting the financial status of districts within assigned region.Provides support by monitoring financial reports of businesses managed under seizure or forfeiture actions.
Forfeiture Support Associates (FSA), LLC is proud to be an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.
We recruit, employ, train, compensate, and promote qualified persons in all job titles without regard to age, ancestry, color, gender, HIV status, marital status, medical condition, national origin, physical or mental disability, race, religion, sex, sexual orientation (including gender expression and identity), veteran status, family leave status or any protected group status as defined by applicable law.

Seniority Level

Entry level


  • Legal Services
  • Government Administration
  • Financial Services

Employment Type


Job Functions

  • Finance
  • Sales
 Does this job description suggest that the DEA has a spread sheet(s) with estimated net worth of prescribers and/or others that they believe could be “targets” of civil asset forfeiture ?
Has anyone noticed that the vast majority/all of the prescribers whose offices are being raided and shut down, tend to be 50 + y/o.. suggesting that they have had time to accumulate a fairly “healthy net worth”.
After all prescribers keep pretty good documentation (paper trail) , are seldom armed or take to shooting at law enforcement when they raid a practice.  Unlike, street dealers and cartel members. After all most street dealers normally don’t have a lot of assets to be seized and the major cartel bosses are out of the country… and live in countries – like China – where they can’t be extradited ?
It would seem that the DEA can send in “bogus pts” into a practice to develop a case… where in the rest of the law enforcement world is called ENTRAPMENT… but.. with the DEA.. it is just “good policing” ?

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  2. […] DEA and FBI have taken it upon themselves to define these drugs as an alternative to chronic pain management for which they are not […]

  3. […] DEA and FBI have taken it upon themselves to define these drugs as an alternative to chronic pain management for which they are not […]

  4. Who is willing to create a freedom of information act request to the inspector general of tge us justice department to obtain the total assets siezed and where this capital flows? the people need to understand the operating budget of the DEA and ensure that it is not relying on asset siezure to pay its emplyees.
    the us taxpayer should be paying for these services. if they instead are funded by asset siezures and bail and freeing actual drug trafficers rather than keeping real drug dealer in jail in order to pay the salary of DEA agency then we have a major ethical problem.

  5. […] DEA has ran “help wanted ads” for Forfeiture Financial Specialist Supporting the DEA   does this suggest that the DEA is more interested in the assets of a prescriber than the “dead […]

  6. Good grief! It may be time to water the tree of LIBERTY!
    This assets forfeiture should be abolished!

  7. Yes!! Where are the FREEDOM loving and NON-REGULATING Republicans on this issue???? Nowhere to be found!

  8. Where are all the “FREEDOM” loving Republicans on this issue?

  9. U know I warned my doc,,about 1 year ago,,,there was a ,”rumor,’;” they were pullen this,,,now its official,,,Let the forwarding begin,,Talk about corrupt sob’s,,..U know,,there are things that testing miss’s,,thinking ahead here,,U don’t just Walk into a Pain management Specialist or Doc and say,,I hurt here ,,give me some medicine!!Usually they will schedule some testing,and as a HUMANE Doc,,they’ll give u the weakest pain reliever,800 millagrams i.b, brofen or Tylenol 3’s,,,till test result,,then follow up w/u,,when the test results come in..Boy no-wonder why they want my case silenced,,it proves ,,Medical testing missing things,,lots of thing,,
    This article proves to me,,these dea agents KNOW NOTHING about medicine,,but are willing to make a innocent man guilty for being HUMANE…For that is exactly what any real Doctor does.,,They help lessen the physical pain,,whilest trying to determing the cause..They don’t,,nor should they,,just let u suffer in agony until test result come in?!!!It proves to me,,this government agency has abused thier power,the public trust,,to prove a innocent man guilty,,Which is why this USE TO BE ILLEGAL,,and should go back to being illegal.
    A doctor by his/her very nature of thee profession of being a doctor,,will try to lessen suffering,,thus,,they will trust the patient that there truthful,this is why there in his office in the 1st place!!This dea setting them up,,are violating that doctors trust,,The dea are proving themselves are the criminals,,there lieing to a doctors,,who job it is,,to help the medically ill,,Then when doctors helps the person clainmimng to be medically ill,,,the dea arrest them??!!THEY ARE MAKING INNOCENT/MEN WOMEN guilty,,,not,,finding anything guilty they’ve done,,THERE MAKING THEM GUILTY,,, wow,,,f–k unbelieveable..There abusing that sacred,’informed consent,,” then blaming the Doctors for the dea’s ownr corruption,,,THAT ASS BACKWARDS!,,,THAT WHY IT SHOULD GO BACK TO BEING ILLEGAL,,WTH!!!this is sooo mess’ed up in soo many levels,,The dea are literally making innocent people guilty,,by willfully betraying their trust,,THEY[DEA] ARE THE CRIMNALS,,maryw

  10. Unbelievable, yet totally believable

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