Forced cold turkey withdrawal – caused a stroke that caused so much damage

It is with a heavy and broken heart that I must share the news that we are just learning of a #SuicideDue2Pain. She lives here in Oklahoma near me and was very active in many groups as well as planning to join us in advocacy events next year.

She was able to find a doctor to treat her pain a few months ago, but for some reason that Doctor left practice soon after she found her. This caused withdrawals again. During that time, she had a stroke that caused so much damage. She was discharged from the hospital after her stroke but apparently without good plans in place for care. We are still gathering exact details, so this is all the information we have at the moment and even this is still being confirmed. I will share more as I can, specifically her name & picture as soon as the family gives us permission.

On Nov 10th Michelle C. decided she couldn’t take the pain any more. We have & are reaching out to her state Senator and Representative as well as local media. We hope to make something positive of this, as that is something her and I spoke of at length –

she just wants her death to count and create change!


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  1. Ok now its 3 this month alone…

    • II’m very sorry. I’ve heard of 5 deaths in the last week. How much longer will this continue? I’ve donated to so many groups thinking they could help make a change. I wish I was psychic and knew the future.

  2. The feds are creating the very situation they claim to desire avoiding-death.Whether by overdose or suicide,the end result is the same.DEATH.I only hope I can live long enough for them to figure fhat out.In Florida,armed robberies are up 200%and money is not what’s taken.It’s “product”-what the media reports.I think you can guess what “product”that is!

  3. RIP. Sorry for her family and friends’ loss, but glad she no longer suffers. I hope your death means more to these people than your life did.

  4. Steve This is sickening to hear. And again I think the best thing for the family to do is sue the Doctors hospitals and anyone else involved in her death. I believe you know Dr. Daniel Laird If you havent I would recommend him to them for their law suit.. Im so sorry the family has to go through this.. My condolences to the family

    • The problem is, even if we all were keen to sue tomorrow, no attorney will take the case. Unless you have a few millions floating around, maybe one could be hired…tho I’m not confident even of that.

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