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  1. We need to stop with the narrative that congressman represent the people in their districts. For the last at least sixteen years, what the polls show American want, Congress denies. Is that representing us? The best example I can think of is when the most vile, vulgar, narcissistic person in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, said at the time President Obama was elected, that he would do all in his power to defeat anything President Obama wanted to do. I was stunned and was sure he would be thrown out of Congress as deciding in advance to defeat everything a new President hoped to achieve is not representing the people. The people had not even had a chance to express their desires. He was going to defeat President Obama because he and his funding sources wanted, and had decided IN ADVANCE, to not let this President be successful. He constantly declares what will be done in the Senate before any views are even expressed as if he is the only vote necessary. The people he represents are never mentioned. If they are, he states what the American people want as if he knew. Does he ever even speak with an ordinary person? We all know, as does, all of Congress, that the money has to stop. I am so sickened every time I receive yet another email from Nancy Pelosi or a long list of well-known Democrats telling me how “desperate” they are because the Republicans have raised so much more money. If they need financial help, address the issues they are fighting for. That might convince me to send money, but desperation is pathetic. Start proposing bills to end the money problem in elections and fight for them. Enlist me to help. When I wrote to the Clinton campaign that I wanted to volunteer to help, all I got was more emails telling me how desperate they needed money. All they want from the people the “represent” is money. Our volunteer time is not needed one has to conclude. The country is in so much trouble, yet Congress does nothing. Almost no help has been given to the majority of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. Oh I forgot, Mitch said there was no way that was going to happen. So the eviction notices are going out like crazy. Do they really think our streets can handle more homeless people? The sad truth is all they think about is their desperate need for more money to defeat Trump, certainly not the reality for the people they represent. Yes, term limits is a GREAT idea. Is there Re-elections were not guaranteed, and they could not spend their careers there, maybe they would start listening to the people. After say a one term of six years, they would be regular people again. That would certainly kill their God complexes. If they did not have premium health insurance for life, maybe The Affordable Care Act would mean something to them. Just think of all those billions of dollars buying trash talk commercials could be put to use to better our country. I long for one politician to say that they are going to give all their election dollars to say, the public schools. I would vote for them!

  2. Excellent. I’ve posted everywhere and emailed everyone!!!

  3. Awesome!

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