End the Epidemic – AMA

Treatment Toolkit – February 2018


The nation’s opioid overdose and death epidemic will not end without increased access to comprehensive, multidisciplinary care for pain, as well as enhanced access to high quality, evidence-based treatment for substance use disorders. Please use the tools below to add your voice in calling for increased treatment.


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  1. As Sheldon would say ” it’s all MALARKEY”!

  2. I agree with Mary W. The truth has to be told. The truth is not being told by the media. government, or the people who will make tons of money in the REHAB business–which has a failure rate of about 95%. We never hear that statistic on the news!!

  3. Now that the AMA is in the business of medical insurance for physicians,,they have become just as corrupt,,just as much liars as the all thee others mixed in w/the kolodyns,,,WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES BY LIARS,,, idiots,,,thee only way it will end,,is if u start ALLOWING the Truth to be told,,,not censoring it at every Turn!!!MARYW

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