Eleventh commandment broken again ?

In case you are not aware of what the ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT IS :

Nothing is ILLEGAL unless you get caught.. do not get caught

CVS Faces TCPA class action


From the article:

A class action lawsuit was filed against CVS Pharmacy after the plaintiffs claimed it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act and the Automatic Telephone Dialers Act.

The lawsuit alleges that the pharmacy auto dialed cell phone users from blocked numbers and played pre-recorded advertising messages, urging them to visit a nearby CVS store for flu shots and other services.

Kaiser claimed on Sept. 11, he received a call from an anonymous number stating that CVS’s MinuteClinic was offering a 20 percent shopping pass for those who came in to get flu shots.

3 Responses

  1. of course this is happening in every state. Sometimes the phone number of the local CVS appears on caller ID. Folks then call back and ask “why did you call me?” These are robocalls and the pharmacy has no idea what they are about.
    Nothing can be done at the local level and customers are advised to call the 800 number to opt out. BTW, I am old….so I remember Ernestine….I think of her every day!

  2. And I might add nice touch with “Ernestine, the operator’, Bet no one under 45 or so would even remember Lily Tomlin’s best character on Laugh In. She was my favorite. I occasionally at work will say the ringy dingy at work when the phone rings and get odd looks from the younger staff. Oh the good old days of comedy :), Thanks for the day brightener

  3. Yet another fine and another non admission of guilt by CVS. Wonder how many other states this has happened in. Probably all 50 states could sue CVS for violations and still not get a fine big enough to stop them or put a dent in their bottom line.

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