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  1. I keep hearing that “They” have decided to ban Rx pain medications. Get rid of them, “They” say. So who is this “They?” If what they are doing is really so noble, why don’t they step right up and explain it all to us feeble folk? No shame, if it’s really such a great “reform?”

    Oh, and were they duly elected to sit in such judgment? Are they “in charge” by popular demand? Who appointed these folks to make such sweeping and devastating judgments about how much pain other human beings are forced to endure?

    Do they have medical degrees? Are they pain management specialist? Have they ever treated chronic pain? How can they know more about treating chronic pain than trained, experienced pain doctors? Or even family doctors?

    Even if they were, in reality, all trained and experienced pain doctors, how could they know what is best for all the patients of all pain doctors? These high and mighty zealots seem to feel entitled to sit in judgment of millions of people they know nothing about whatsoever. Both doctors and patients. “They” have no clue about what it is to live in life-sucking pain everyday, but they just know they are right and feel assured that they hold the moral high-ground.

    These are the same people who claimed that there were no studies showing that forced tapering CPPs was harmful, so it must be safe. When pressed, “They” admitted that they simply had no studies. “They” talk about how “evidence-based” their concepts are all the time. “They” are forcing this “reform” onto millions of sick people without any evidence that it wont do harm to CPPs.

    In fact, it already has caused needless suffering, failing health and death among CPPs and others have taken their own lives. Yeah, “They” hold the moral high-ground alright.

    One can only wonder why “They” haven’t presented themselves to reap all the glory that I’m sure they believe they deserve.

  2. Thank you Doctor Klein. Your presentation is excellent and speaks of the truth.

    I keep wondering why the opioid manufacturers just rolled over and paid their way out of further defending these facts – and not citing these truths that you have so very accurately presented?

    $750.00/Hour would be a steal for them, should you offer going forward. Plenty of support from us folks.

  3. Everything you said is truth Dr.Kline.. I want to know why the CDC does not take the word of practicing Drs. of pain over the circus “PROP?” From what I can gather, the big BOZO Kolondy is a shrink! He has no experience in treating pain.nor schooling. Yet this BOZO is considered an “expert!” WHY?? He has BS his way as an expert,stealing millions of dollars testifying as an “expert in the field of pain!” I know Vets who have more experience treating dogs,cats etc for pain than BOZO! If I was a practicing Dr, this would drive me nuts! And to top if off his drug of choice Suboxone is something he pushs on addicts as soon as his web catches them .Which as we know,is an opioid. So how does his “logic” even makes sense. I have to find my BP medicine Thanks for speaking truth Dr, Kline

  4. Thank you so much, for bringing the TRUTH, Doctor Kline!
    Thank you very much, Steve!

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