Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Myth 13: Everyone should go to a pain clinic

I suppose every one should go to a sore throat clinic, The most frequent reason for a doctor’s visit is pain. If doctors can’t treat pain, they need a new line of work. 80% of docs in the US are too timid to prescript pain medicine, so they send them to pain clinic, where only 1/3 are treating with pain medicine. Most are under treated, or not treated. Only 13% said good treatment, and 25% with little treatment. CDC gave licence to steal by prescription unneeded urine drug tests and dubious injection mills. 90% have said pain medicine are more effect than injects. 44% said care was worse at pain clinic than doc’s office. 92% of patients wouldn’t Recommend pain clinics.

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  1. A lot of quacks and frauds are deceptively adverting “Pain Clinics.” The debacle over pain and misreporting of the opioid crisis, has been really profitable, for chiropractors, and acupuncturists. They take advantage of vulnerable people with pain, who are refused treatment by their medical doctors, even after years of seeing them.

  2. Have been to 3 pain clinics and have developed a problem I don’t know how to fix. Have lost my pain meds & credibility and it seems to be that way with every doctor I have tried. Can I email you for ideas how to fix my unusual problem? Don’t know where else to turn to.

  3. This is how “dizzy” all this garbage being thrown at us makes me..Until I read this,I didnt even think you could go to a Doctor who will treat you for pain. I guess I was “programmed” to believing if you had pain you had to go to a “pain clinic.” I was being treated by a neurologist for 26 yrs until this farce came about. I have to say Dr. I have at pain clinic is caring n doing best he can with the “misinterpreted guidelines” Knowing now you can find a Dr. to treat you,I might have to break from clinic because the low dose meds are doing nothing for me besides keeping me from getting “side effects”

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