Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed SAFE PRESCRIBING– THE GOVERNMENTS VIEW

The assumption of feckless doctors “overprescribing” an undefined government term, leading to more overdose deaths and addiction is incorrect. CDC has told us doctors what to do, to make prescribing “safe” give less pain medicine to those who need it. CDC, a non medical agency dissimilar from
medical agencies like FDA and NIH, has medical views of “safe prescribing” – unfounded in fact.

The concocted “safe prescribing” initiative has “harmed many patients” in the words of the AMA. Overdose deaths are up anyway by refusing to consider the truth. Addiction is the same as always, not less as planned by CDC and their advisors Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing or PROP a group of dedicated “lunatic fringe” doctors as mentioned by a previous FDA official.

Tragic consequences have occurred from the “safe” (reduced dose) prescribing plan of the CDC/PROP coalition and they shoulder the burden of responsibility for harm caused.

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  1. Doctors overprescribe gabapentin which they use to treat neuropathy and it does not work for the nerve pain! You would think that they would stop using anticeisure and antidepressants and the scientists would come up with something new and better that would actually work! And doctors are getting paid for using these worthless drugs! They are also getting kickbacks for using them!

    • I had max dose gabapentin for years, it never did much, then I didn’t have it for several years. With it again this gabapentin is from a US maker, TEVA. I feel the gabapentin I had been getting for years previously was a worthless, foreign scam product. This variety is actually rather effective, however messing with short term memory, dexterity and balance, and has a beastly withdrawal similar to opiate cessation.

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