Dr. Thomas Kline, MD, PhD: Medical Myths Revealed: Myth 18: PDMP will help doctors

PDMP was made by a grant of 14 million dollars from the DoJ/DEA signed by an important PROP member and anti-opioid member. It is a national police computer system that uses its own invalid information system to profile every doctor and patient that is pro-scripted more than one opioid pain medicine pill. the systems have caught only a handful of doctor shoppers per year, its use. Instead, physicians are being rounded up using analytics as the new weapon against crime, dragging off hundreds of legit pain treated doctors. who violate this bizarre system that is rigged against them. As far as we know at JATH, we have yet to see a real criminal in the drag net.

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  1. Only people the PDMP will catch – doc/pharmacy shopping – is those that are too dumb, cheap or stupid not to have multiple driver’s licenses.

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