Dr. Saphier: CDC has done a ‘disservice’ to Americans- when does withholding, lying becomes CRIMINAL ?

Fox News medical contributor slams agency for allegedly withholding COVID-19 data


Fox News medical contributor Dr. Nicole Saphier told “America Reports” Tuesday a full investigation is needed into allegations the CDC withheld large portions of critical COVID-19 data from the public.


NICOLE SAPHIER: If you look across the globe, there is a reason why it is not so black and white in other countries because they’re looking at the big picture, especially when it comes to natural immunity — the true risk of COVID-19 in children, as well as boosters for young, healthy adults and children. Unfortunately, the CDC has done a disservice, in my opinion, to the American people. I think a full investigation should be launched into this, and at this point, we need to make sure that there is full transparency so that the private sector can accurately and adequately analyze the data, because the CDC is not a leader when it comes to public health.


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  1. If the CDC is not trustworthy regarding Covid data then it follows that their Opioid data for pain patients is also suspect.

    • Where do u think they got thee idea/practice from?The got away w/it on all our opiate data,,,using their lieful,corrupted data on opiates not to inform the public or policy,,,but to manipulate the public,thus policy to justify medical torture upon all pre-existers/long term mediclly ill..The weakest in our society.Soo they have a blueprint in place to again not inform the public w/info,but to use the false info to manipulate the public into submission.They got a lot of practice doing it too us,,sickening ain’t it,,,but true,,,

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