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Walgreens, grocery chains sue over high drug prices

(Reuters) – Drugstore giant Walgreens and three supermarket chains have filed lawsuits alleging that several drug companies made illegal deals, known as “pay for delay” arrangements, to protect the lucrative sales of four drugs, costing the stores money.

The lawsuits are the latest of many brought mainly by unions and individuals, alleging it is illegal for brand-name drug makers to settle litigation with generic-drug makers by paying them to keep their cheaper drugs off the market. The retailers are represented in two cases by Kenny Nachwalter.

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So Walgreens and some grocery stores are suing drug manufacturers over restricting the availability of generic medications… because it is costing them money… yet.. apparently no one is suing no one over drug wholesalers RESTRICTING/RATIONING the purchases of certain category of Rx medications.. doing that is not costing them MONEY/PROFITS ?

And the PRIMARY GOAL of a publicly traded for-profit companies is their bottom line profits and the price of their stock. AND , per the DEA , they are voluntarily restricting how much profitable  products they are selling to their wholesaler customers and the retail pharmacies are not objecting to the their limited ability to purchase product for which there is a demand and they could sell at a profit ?


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  1. Meanwhile, just read the post about the Walgreen’s in CA and the whistleblower to the fact that Wag’s was fraudulently billing medicare and medical for scripts, and accumulating more million dollar fines. Seriously, they are not about being healthy. And they lost my custom long ago, I will never shop there again.

  2. Does everyone have on their shocked face??

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