Does being understaffed, dehydrated & hypoglycemic make employees more productive ?

“Are any of you allowed to have drinks in your pharmacy? We aren’t, which is understandable, so we would keep them right outside the pharmacy and step outside to drink them. We recently had a visit from corporate and were told we couldn’t have drinks anywhere, at all. I know I may sound like a brat, but why can’t I just have some water around? My water bottle isn’t hurting anyone sitting OUTSIDE of the pharmacy in a spot hidden from customers.”

This was posted on another Pharmacist FB page.. They forgot to mention that the staff normally is not allowed to have any chairs or stools in the Rx dept either..  They don’t want the customers/pts to think that the staff is just being lazy and sitting down on the job.. or the staff might waste a fraction of a second getting up from a seated position dashing to grab the phone, register, drive thru, consult window or some other task(s) that the corporation expects to be addressed in 15 seconds or less. Try that when you have four customer “contact points” and there is only a Pharmacist and a tech working at one time.

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  1. In most cases, having ADA protections on the job makes it harder for the employer to go after you on the job (with the exception of Joe’s case…they blew that big time and they will lose that one). My hubby also has health issues that require accomodations and his job is protected by ADA, they can’t fire him as long as he does his job and he has intermittent FMLA written up by his physician for flare ups so he does not have absentee points counted against him for calling in sick. They would have liked to have fired him, until we pulled out the Federal law. No they were ‘not comfortable’ but their other choice was the publicity of violation of a Federal law in a moderately sized town.

  2. Interesting the comment includes the ADA and reference to dr notes being on prescription to appear more official; wonder the reaction if she was told, “We don’t feel comfortable ….”

  3. I have yet to have an arguement against any note from my urologist regarding my needing to have my large mug of fluid next to me at the workstation and being able to have frequent restroom breaks (ie I just tell the staff I’m going to the ladies room and guess what people will have to wait a few) which is part of my kidney stone prevention management. My mug is always pushed back next to the computer, most cutomers don’t see it. I carry protien or granola bars in my pocket to prevent hypoglycemia (migraine trigger…rx from the neurologist) Since the ADA is written so vague, my accomodations are really not that interfering with the job. I always have them written on a prescription….more official. As far as a chair or stool, every pharmacy I’ve worked at, eventually, one or 2 has made somehow shown up in a pharmacy. . I have noticed padded mats have disappeared, its no wonder pharmacists and techs these days have foot and leg problems these days.

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