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  1. Yet NO ONE Says Anything about the “Medications” Themselves. Every One Of My Medications Are Inauthentic, Nonstandardized, Misrepresented, and ALL Are Totally Unrecognizable, Inconsistent, And Mostly Ineffective. No One Mentions that The Active Ingredient Is Cut Up To 45 Percent !!! I Have Returned Countless ADHD, Sleep-(Ambien), And had ” A Version of “Oxycodone” Which Was So Sickening, I Returned that Manufacturer. No One Is Analyzing These Fraudulent ” Medications ! My new pharmacy has their own Drop-off box as Many people have had the same placebos with side effects, No Effects, or Damaging Toxins Like Synthetic Arsenic inside. 4 Name Brands for Sleep, ADHD, Anxiety, and Oxycodone were ALL Fake. Wake-up, many want us tortured to death. Didn’t Anyone Read CIAAGs Report and Investigations that Both Congress And The Senate Admitted to The “Opioid” Epidemic being a myth, And They and Their Families Are Written Out Of The Opioid Propaganda That WE Are Subject To ??

  2. Of course it says recommends just like thw guidelines were recommended what they will do is do whatever will save their livelihood at the expense of our lives.

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