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  1. “Karen” oh I mean Lisa is the typical person who never wants anyone to have an opinion or say anything that isn’t in lockstep with their views. As of right now America is a free speech country. Of coarse Big Tech, the government and the dems are trying to shut that down. Lisa was probably equally upset when Trump and conservatives were called every name in the book for over 4 years. People are way to sensitive to what people say. Grow a backbone instead of threatening to take this web site down because you didn’t watch the video. An as a side note more people were killed by murder in DC the last 2 weeks than covid.

  2. If you continue using verbiage as in dictator pelosi, I will assume that you will take down your site, as you should have no derogatory garbage

    • And just who is going to take my site down SINCE I have OWNED THE DOMAIN for 15 yrs !!! and I am just quoting Congresswoman Kat Cammack in the video… and apparently you did not watch the video…
      Pelosi imposed a mask mandate…based on a study – that has not been published nor peer reviewed and was based on a study from India where they use a vaccine that has not been approved by our FDA and her edict stated that staff and visitors without masks could be arrested and there is no such mask mandate in the Senate… and it would appear that Pelosi’s edict was NOT BASED ON VALID SCIENCE. The doctor for Congress was interviewed on TV tonight and he has not seen the study that Pelosi used to base her edict on… since has not been published. Science has stated that COVID-19 Delta is much less contagious and marginally lethal… as is normal for viruses as they mutate… getting less lethal with every mutation and DELTA is the third mutation. And it is being reported that many Democratic Governors are rushing to mandate mask in their states. Your IP address suggests that you are in Wisconsin, so I would suspect that your Governor is getting his mask mandate edict ready to impose on the citizen of the state

    • ???? He was using the “verbiage” that was taken directly from the video. Honestly Pelosi is acting like a dictator. Maybe watch the video, and let me know if you think what “Dictator Pelosi” is doing sounds appropriate. Also this is Steve’s site, he can share and say what he wants. You have a choice as an American to ignore it, block him, not follow anything he writes. IMO I would think as an American you’d be more concerned by the actions Queen Nancy has taken, as shared in the Video Steve Shared b/c they do NOT follow the constitution and they surely do NOT follow the “science”. If we remain quiet regarding actions like Pelosi then we have nobody but ourselves to blame when we become more like China/North Korea/and the former USSR. If you think these “rules” will only affect those who’s political views differ than yours, just wait until the government censors you. We are NOT a one party country, even though Pelosi and the rest of her party would like to be the only party “in charge”. She and many from the left are acting more and more like dictators, and that should scare ALL Americans.

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