Debunking the Hype: Opioid Overdose in Chronic Pain – The Truth

A recent study aiming to find factors that increase risk of opioid overdose in chronic pain patients instead found that overdose is vanishingly rare, despite the researcher’s best efforts to obscure the truth. This recent Systemic Review and meta-analysis of almost 24 million patients set out to find what risk factors lead to opioid overdose in chronic pain patients. The results were not what the authors expected, with the data showing that while there were factors that increased the risk of overdose, the ABSOLUTE risk of overdose in chronic pain patients was less than 1%. That’s right. Less than 1% We covered another recent study which showed that addiction is also vanishingly rare. So the question begs to be asked – WHY are chronic pain patients being force tapered off their safe and effective long-term opioid therapy? This is a ground-breaking study, but not for the reasons the researchers hoped. They cherry-picked the data and selectively reported to hide the facts – that overdose is incredibly rare in chronic pain patients. Here’s link to the study – Predictors of fatal and nonfatal overdose after prescription of opioids for chronic pain: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies Take note of the authors, they include David N. Juurlink and Jason W. Busse. If you found this information valuable, please consider giving the video a thumbs up, subscribing for more content, and sharing it with your network. Your support helps us continue to bring you high-quality, evidence-based research and STOP the FORCED TAPERS and undertreatment of chronic pain. To learn more about our chronic pain advocacy work, please visit Pain Patient Advocacy Australia Please sign our petition protesting against ongoing forced tapers… Read more of my articles on the truth about opioids and chronic pain on my substack Follow me on facebook   / arthriticchick   instagram   / arthriticchick   twitter / X   / arthriticchick   and LinkedIn   / neen-monty-arthriticchick   Follow Kevin R James on LinkedIn   / kevin-r-james-971278190  

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