Death by bureaucrat/politician ?

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Gov Bullock is the Governor of Montana… should Gov Bullock be charged with assisting suicide ? How many other have committed suicide because of the bureaucray discouraging  prescribers in Montana to properly treat chronic pain pts ?

Generally in our legal system.. if something happens ONCE it can be determined to be a ACCIDENT, but if the same thing happens more than once and there has been no corrective action by the entity(s) responsible … it is generally considered NEGLIGENCE.

Could more and more SUICIDE NOTES – like this one – being made PUBLIC and could the personal injury law firms be far behind…  Suing on behalf of the estate or surviving family for  INTENTIONALLY putting things in place that will KNOWINGLY encouraging chronic pain pts to commit SUICIDE ?

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  1. This makes me so sad. Every time I turn around another cpp patient is committing suicide. Usually domce once their meds have been severely lowered or cut off completely! Once the can no longer work to pay bills arms loose their homes, their spouses, friends and children all go to the wayside because they don’t understand or don’t know what to do! So many talk of suicide in my cpp groups. I can tell you with complete honesty that I had never in my life felt suicidle ideation in any form. Since the CDC guidelines and everything else that’s been put in the way my life is NOTHING like it once was. I am slowly loosing everything including my sanity dealing with pain so severe most of these legislatures couldn’t handle it for a day never mind over a decade. We’ve all tried reaching out! we’ve sent letters and emails. We’ve made phone calls and petitions. NO ONE IS LISTENING!!! The CDC wrote me a response email after I wrote them in May of 2016. I had told them what the doctors were doing to their already established cpp patients as well as what I was going through. They responding that of any ill effects came of these guidelines they would then go back and see to revise them. What more ” ill effects” do they need? They’re not any attention to us. They’re calling the boards and heads of Insurnace companies telling them they have to lower what they allow to be filled etc. THEY’RE KILLING PEOPLE AND DONT CARE AT ALL! What else can we do ?????? I’m about at my limit myself, I’ve laid out plans for myself should I no longer be able to push through one more day. The ONLY thing that has gotten me through this is my 11 year old autistic daughter.

  2. All government officials responsible for putting innocent people in prison for money creating the situation above should be held accountable to all harmed. Put all the DEA agents, US Attorneys, DHHS agents, and anyone responsible for the work involved in the lies and false charges spend at least 1 year in prison to learn how they ruin lives by putting innocent people in prison. Then make them pay restitution for the rest of the lives of the families affected, confiscating THEIR assets. Suicide victim’s families like the one above could be included. This needs to be a law from congress. Make it a requirement when you talk to your legislators and join membership to get it done.

  3. It is hard to read, can’t make out the text,

  4. Yes definitely politicians should be held personally responsible for the death of each and every cpp who has lost their lives due to improperly treated pain!

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