DEA: Heroin-related deaths tripled in four years

DEA: Heroin-related deaths tripled in four years

Maybe it is just a coincidence but Obama came to power in 2008 and Gov Scott & AG Bondi came to power in 2010… legal opiate Rxs peaked in 2012.. and the DEA has had an increasing war on prescribers/pts over the last 6 -7 yrs.  There has been more Heroin deaths in the last FOUR YEARS than in the previous TWELVE YEARS. Maybe if we had a national policy to give proper treatment to those suffering from the mental health issue of addictive personality disorder we would have prevented tens of thousands unnecessary/preventable deaths.  Over those four years we would have spend > 200 BILLION dollars fighting the war on drugs. Should Congress consider defunding the DEA’S war on drugs… if you believe this statistic … their failure is accelerating … do they even deserve a grade of  F- ?

WASHINGTON – A new report from the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency analyzing the nation’s ongoing heroin use health crisis says deaths involving heroin tripled between 2010 and 2014.

Other key facts in the report include:

– The number of people reporting current heroin use nearly tripled between 2007 (161,000) and 2014 (435,000).
– Deaths due to synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl and its analogues, increased 79 percent from 2013 to 2014.

The DEA was especially concerned about the recent phenomenon of fentanyl disguised as prescription opiate pills. The pills have been connected to the deaths of 19 people in Florida and California during 2016’s first quarter. Traffickers are exploiting high consumer demand for illicit prescription painkillers by producing inexpensive counterfeits that contain the highly potent fentanyl. In Baton Rouge, one man was convicted of pressing heroin into counterfeit prescription pill form in a similar profit-driven drug trafficking move.

“We tend to overuse words such as ‘unprecedented’ and ‘horrific,’ but the death and destruction connected to heroin and opioids is indeed unprecedented and horrific,” said DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg.  “The problem is enormous and growing, and all of our citizens need to wake up to these facts.”

The DEA says the number of users, treatment admissions, overdose deaths and seizures related to the drugs increased over last year’s summary. Heroin was the greatest drug threat reported by 45 percent (up from 38 percent last year and 7 percent in 2007) of state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies that responded to a 2016 survey. Law enforcement agencies across the country reported seizing larger than usual quantities of heroin in 2016. An 80 percent increase of heroin seizures has been reported over the past five years.

The entire 2016 National Heroin Threat Assessment Summary can be viewed online.

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  1. […] DEA: Heroin-related deaths tripled in four years […]

  2. […] DEA: Heroin-related deaths tripled in four years […]

  3. So ever since the government,klondyne,prop,opiatephobs started playing doctor,,,,,there is now genocide in America towards the medically ill w/painful medical condition,,,,,the proof is obvious,,,mary

    • I am an addict because I have a tumor growing in my spinal cord that no surgeon wants to touch with fear that they will paralyze me. The is crazy reform the DEA. Almost every states had seen a 50% increase in heroin when is the madness going to stop? Your hurting sick people, the pill heads will still get their fix. I am a disabled veteran due to military service and I get treated like an annoyance and a drug seeker. Where are the Constitutional rights?

  4. Where dose this leave a person like me ? Nerve damage . The dea scares doctors not to treat pain , I have no doctor . My pain makes me wish for death because it’s untreated, I never had problems with opiods never abused never needed rehab never needed to slowly stop taking them . They just helped with pain . Seems there is never a mention of people with nerve damage just addicts and abusers . I did try to take my life because of this never ending pain , they say this is a behavior problem? To not be treated while forced to have mandatory health care insurance and I’m the one with the problem ? So I should lay in bed in pain the rest of my days and not get treatment and if I don’t like it I have a behavior problem? Not crazy,not an addict, not an abuser,just a patient with no doctor and no medicine.

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