DEA goes to where the money is and the guns aren’t

dr-rassan-tarabienRassan M. Tarabein, MD

Rassan M. Tarabein, MD is the next good doctor illegally attacked by the US government. Dr. Tarabein is a neurologist who also does pain management at his independent clinic, Eastern Shore Neurology and Pain Center in Daphne, Alabama. His office and home were raided by the FBI and DEA yesterday. As a prior US Attorney once said, “They go to where the money is and the guns aren’t.”

As shown on my list of doctors being attacked, Dr. Tarabein fits the profile:

  1. Minority, of foreign background: Dr. Tarabein’s medical training was at the University of Damascus in Syria.
  2. Independent clinic: Dr. Tarabein is the self-employed owner of his clinic in Daphne.

Dr. Tarabein’s record as a physician is noteworthy.

  1. He is a lecturer and publisher of research with advanced medical and neurological training in Neurovascular Doppler/Ultrasound, Electromyography, VNG and invasive pain management.
  2. He was awarded the “National Leadership Award” and the “Businessman of the Year” in Alabama for 2001 and 2002 by the US congress.
  3. In 2007 he was featured on the cover page and was honored with an eight-page story in MD News, a state-wide physician magazine.
  4. In 2012, Dr Tarabein was awarded the “World Leading Physician”

So why is he being attacked? Money, promotions and government overreach into the medical profession “because they can”.

The first news article I read about Dr. Tarabein was from WKRG5. I won’t even go into that here. Their article was so propagandizing it was pitiful. Basically, if members of the jury saw their news or read their article Dr. Tarabein’s goose is cooked. But that’s the basic plan. It is my belief and theory that CBS is in cahoots with the US government in every affiliate station in the country to spread their propaganda. He should sue them for defamation of character and slander/libel because most of what they wrote is wrong, or at least misleading.

My response to them was:

Your news about Dr. Rassan Tarabein is misleading. I’ll bet you are a CBS affiliate. To correct your negative, propagandizing statements, consent orders with Boards of Medicine are not admissions to wrongdoing. They state that the physician neither admits nor denies the allegations. Usually the physician would deny them, as is the case with Dr. Tarabein, but legal expenses and having to go through a board review is not in the physician’s best interest at the time. We are told that we aren’t admitting to the allegations when we sign a consent order, but the Justice Department then treats them in court like they are admissions. That is wrong. But it is even more wrong for you, the media, to extend that wrong-doing into the realm of publicity. You should retract your comments about admission of those charges. You should also inform people that these attacks are simply DOJ and government agency job security tactics. Note also, that most of the attacks are on self-employed minorities, and are discrimination at its highest. In fact, why don’t you interview me for your next news cast? My guess is you won’t do any of the above, because you are part of the government propaganda machine. But this note will appear on my next post about Dr. Tarabein.

After writing that post, I checked. WKRG IS the CBS affiliate. Surprise, surprise. NOT!!

I did immediately receive a reply from Brad Gunther in which he referred me to the ALBME consent order. But he did not mention any interview to expose the truth behind these attacks. He basically stuck to their propagandizing story.

Alexa Knowles, reporter for FOX10 News, was less propagandizing. She reported on Fox’s 2006 interview with Dr. Tarabein after he was put on probation by the Alabama Board of Medical Examiners in 2004 following his consent order. This interview showed that Dr. Tarabein did NOT admit to the charges the Board made. He said, “There is a real mania among all medical boards in every single state. They are all in a real race, trying to show the public that they are the toughest boards in the whole nation.” “Physicians who are disciplined should be disciplined for legitimate reasons and not because of some personal conflict with the board.”

As a warning to other well-intentioned physicians, Dr. Tarabein was also a suboxone-certified clinic. This is the next hole the government has dug to attack physicians. They are extending the Suboxone prescribing practice by law, enticing more doctors to jump in. But then the DEA and US Attorneys will be waiting to charge you with criminal intent. WATCH OUT!!

PEOPLE, we have to stop this government overreach and illegal attacks on good doctors. Please read this and pass it on to all of your contacts. In every part of the country doctors are simply being indiscriminately targeted because they can’t fight back. We, the physicians and also the chronic pain patients now being discriminated against by new government laws, must take a stand. Understand that opiates are NOT the cause of drug abuse or addiction. You can learn what the real cause of abuse is by coming to my webinars or purchasing my DVDs. Then this information needs to be shared. We can’t let another innocent physician spend one day behind bars.


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