DEA clarifies guidance on forwarding unfilled e-prescribed controlled substances

DEA clarifies guidance on forwarding unfilled e-prescribed controlled substances

WASHINGTON — The Drug Enforcement Administration recently clarified for pharmacists the protocol for forwarding unfilled prescriptions for controlled substances. The DEA’s associate section chief of the liaison and policy section of the DEA’s Diversion Control division Loren Miller clarified that an original e-prescription can be forwarded one DEA-registered retail pharmacy to another in the event they can’t fill it for any reason.

“As posted in the preambles of the [notice of proposed rulemaking] and the [interim final rule], an unfilled original EPCS prescription can be forwarded from one DEA registered retail pharmacy to another DEA registered retail pharmacy, and this includes Schedule II controlled substances,” Miller said in an email to National Association of Boards of Pharmacy CEO Carmen Catizone.

The clarification represents a victory for patients, according to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, who reached out to the DEA for clarification on the issue in a May letter to the DEA’s Demetra Ashley, the Diversion Control division’s deputy assistant administrator. It removes the step for pharmacists of contacting a physician to send a new prescription when another pharmacy is unable to fill a patients e-prescription.

“Simply put, this guidance encourages the use of electronic prescribing for controlled substances, and removes a substantial barrier to doing so,” NACDS president and CEO Steve Anderson said. “Electronic prescribing has significant advantages over other forms of transmitting a prescription because it reduces opportunities for fraud and abuse.”

The organization has championed e-prescribing of controlled substances as a way to better track prescriptions to monitor for fraud and abuse while ensuring patient access to their medications and reducing the risk of fraudulent prescribing.

“NACDS is unwavering in its commitment to working with all parties to help find and implement solutions to opioid issues, while providing appropriate patient care,” Anderson said. “This has been, and remains, a top priority of NACDS, and we appreciate the DEA’s action on this guidance, which we consider to be entirely consistent with patient care and with the proper handling of controlled substances.”

NACDS recently provided comments to the President’s Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, highlighting the role pharmacies play in curbing the issue.

“Chain pharmacies engage daily in activities with the goal of preventing drug diversion and abuse,” the comments said. “Since chain pharmacies operate in almost every community in the U.S., we support policies and initiatives to combat the prescription drug abuse problem nationwide.”

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  1. You have been a complete failure dealing with sick people you don’t know what you are doing.
    I don’t believe this at all. They know exactly what they are doing. The problem is we dont. The problem is not over-prescribing doctors (according to who?some cop who know nothing about medicine?) or ”drug dealer$”, the pro tem is DEA and 200+ other unelected bureaucratic agencies full of leaches on the American people, who have cushy gubmint jobs where they don’t have to worry about job performance of even legality anymore.
    That’s right where on earth do these parasitic unlawful gangs of authoritarian agencies get off even existing? I THOUGHT growing up that we had representative govt. Then I figured out that most of the rules and regs that affect our everyday living are shaped by those we have no supervision over and who are unable coin table to even our reps (see DEA refusal several yrs ago, plenty of YouTube vids out there, to stop raiding lawful medical marijuana dispensaries despite direct orders from Congress, who provides appropriations and are supposedly the people’s representatives.)
    The problem is we no longer have representative govt. We have fiefdoms who do what they want w/input from we the people. There is no lawful reason for such a being even existing in a Republican form of govt. Where in the Constitution does it permit establishing unaccountable non-representative agencies who not only makes laws but ENFORCED them as well. Oh they may ball them regulations but doctors only fear prison from LAWS. Regulations are a pretty window-dressing to con the ignorant people of this once great nation.I

    In truth, there is not one branch of govt that is fine according the SUPREME law of the land, the Constitution. There are no provisions for Executive orders aka DICTATES (See SCOTUS case Yoiunvstowwn Sheet and Tube be Sawyer where Pres Truman was told only Congress makes law not presidents even in declared national emergencies even as commander in chief (during Korean War, an illegal undeclared war)

    We have federal courts that are sitting unlawfully ruling over the states and people UNLAWFULLY according to Article III Section I. You will find that no federal court is to sit in permanence except Supreme Court and cannot come into session unless called by Congress for a specific purpose.

    We have Congress tell us we can’t afford medical care in the budget but neglect to tell us that every dime of federal income tax collected, also unlawfully, goes foodservice a debt to a PRIVATE banking concern that charges us to print our own money AGAIN UNLAWFULLY.
    Article I Section 8
    To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the Standard of Weights and Measures;

    Article One Section 7
    All bills for raising Revenue shall originate in the House of Representatives; (where do the start NOW? w/out President!)

    Article 1 Section 9 The privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it. (this was obliterated in the wake of 9/11)

    I challenge anyone reading this to go through the Constitution, the lonely legitimacy these criminals have to operate under and find a few things that they a really do under contract w/the state’s and the people who created it. There are more violations than you can count that much I can guarantee.
    For those who think I went off topic I say nay. Until the people in America demand that their SERVANTS stop acting like kings we shall never see an end to this usurpation of lawful power. The condition we are living under is one w/no rule of law. These regulations, statues, and U.S. Code quotes are tiddlywinks, they do not supersede the SUPREME law of the land. Why are we begging our servants like they are masters?
    We need to demand that they stand down, not write petitions begging them for scraps, we want and desperately need some rule of law by the very ones who are attempting g to subvert the very rule of law, the dichotomy is insane and no more in we and that every single one of these so called advocacy boards never call out the unlawful natures of these gangs of unaccountable rascals who are not attempting to but comfortably ruling over us!
    Please rearranged your arguments and deny these perverted individuals the high ground as it is not theirs to stand upon as our SERVANTS!!

    (apologies for any spelling this Kindle believes it knows better what I’m saying than I do~it’s new so bear w/met until I figure it out)

  2. Why don’t you , DEA , get up off of it and go do your job. Go stop the drugs from coming across the boarders. I know you have been such a failure with that but keep trying. Don’t run away from doing your job. You have been a complete failure dealing with sick people you don’t know what you are doing.

    • its easier to sit in a air condition room,,turn on their computers and ILLEGALLY SPY on us,our doctors,,and our families,,, THEN GETTING OFF THEIR ASS’S INTO THE REAL WORLD,AND FIND REAL DRUG DEALERS,,,,maryw

  3. spineless suck ups,,,,oops did I say that out loud??maryw

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